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Aussies create barrier to protect café not checking vax passports

Aussies create barrier to protect café not checking vax passports

100s of Australians create a barrier and stand guard protecting a Queensland café that is allowing unvaccinated people to have a cup of coffee on Christmas eve.

A video shows hundreds, if not thousands, of Australians creating a barrier to protect a Australian café that chose not to enforce the new health ordinance and are not checking vaccine (vax) passports, thereby enabling unvaccinated individuals to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with their family. Unmarked police vehicles and undercover cops attempted to close down the business.


Vaccine passports requirement prohibits unvaccinated individuals from entering certain companies and public events. In Queensland, you must be completely vaccinated in order to access coffee shops, restaurants, bars, theme parks, and even hair salons.

At the moment, a person must have two vaccinations to be considered “fully vaccinated” and is required by law to verify their vaccination status when entering hospitality establishments. However, the Australian government is going to increase the degree of vaccination required in early 2022, which will mean that everyone will require one or two boosters to enjoy their freedom.

The government website states the following: “It is not yet known how long the COVID-19 vaccine protection will last. Clinical trials are currently happening to find out if we will need booster doses on an annual or longer basis.”

Boosters shots could be rolled at as often as every three months and could be mandatory for a ‘fully vaccinated’ status.

Australian café The Coffee Commune do not check vaccine passports.
Australian café The Coffee Commune do not check vaccine passports.

In contrast, a modest café in the Australian state of Queensland purposefully ignored the dictatorial regulation and enabled unvaccinated people to sit down and enjoy a coffee and a meal with their friends, family, and loved ones without fear of being kicked out.

The locally owned business quickly became the centre of controversy and when the word got out several Australians informed the authorities of their breach of law. A group of people organised an event on Facebook which would protect the business and unvaccinated people who wanted to enjoy some a nice cup of coffee out in public.

Close to a thousand people showed up in protest of the vaccine passport law and created a barrier around the business blocking law enforcement from coming close the the building and protecting the unvaccinated customers, employees and the business owners from being kicked out, fined and potentially arrested.

The Queensland government has mandated that businesses that violate the state’s so-called “health orders” face fines of up to AUD$14000 per customer:

“The Palaszczuk government is taking measured and cautious action to keep Queensland safe,” he told parliament.

“To support community safety, certain venues will be operated under a vaccinated-only basis. This includes hospitality, indoor and outdoor venues and other places like coffee shops.”

“Police have all through the pandemic exercised good judgement and compassion when dealing with COVID-19.”

“But make no mistake, police say if someone, or a business, for example a coffee shop business, deliberately tries to breach the new requirements for vaccination venues, then action will be taken.”

"We filter coffee not people." Sign outside The Coffee Commune in Bowen Hills, Brisbane.
Sign outside The Coffee Commune in Bowen Hills, Brisbane.

“Any person found in breach of a public health direction could face penalty of up to 100 penalty units, which is about $13,800, or six months in prison.”

“The police commissioner has stated very clearly that the QPS will be strictly enforcing these rules.”

Mr Di Bella, a coffee entrepreneur and proprietor of Bowen Hills’ The Coffee Commune, declared in a video broadcast on LinkedIn that his firm will not discriminate against unvaccinated individuals and expressed concern about the vaccine mandate infringing human rights.

“It won’t be happening in my venue, I can assure you,” he said in regards to forcing unvaccinated patrons out of his café..

“The Coffee Commune will not discriminate. If you want to be vaccinated, you be vaccinated. If you don’t, you don’t.”

Mr Di Bella continued: “This is not about vaccines. This is an issue of businesses being dictated to, and not knowing where it will end. Allow people to make their own choices.”