Australian food shortage crisis blamed on Putin and climate change


Australian grocery shelves are empty from state to state and it is only going to get worse — it’s all Putin’s fault, they say.

From the frying pan into the fire. After surviving an almost 2-year long national lockdown, Australians must now face an imminent food shortage like something seen in post-apocalyptic movies. However, experts seem to be very politicised on the issues causing this shortage: climate change, Russia, and capitalism.


Global warming and the conflict in Ukraine are expected to lead to a food shortage crisis catastrophe in Australia, according to a new — highly politicised and biased — analysis.

Liberal scientists have labelled climate change as a “disaster alley” for the Asia-Pacific region, and slammed the Australian government for being “ill-prepared” to deal with the situation.

Australia’s Security Leaders Climate Group anticipates that grain production would fall by 2040 due to climate change, and that the water supply will be compromised, DailyMail reports.

Retired military leaders who are also Labor and Green voters have urged the Australian government to prepare for alleged huge ramifications to the food supply as a result of the dire predictions.

Empty shelves in a store because of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, pandemic lockdown
Empty shelves in a store because of the because of climate crisis or government?

According to the paper, the effects of intense heatwaves and sea-level rise will have “huge consequences” for Australia.

It cautions that global warming will have an effect on the national supply system, heighten geopolitical tensions, and increase the demand for disaster aid.

Chris Barrie, the former chief of the Australian Defense Force, stated that disruptions to the food supply caused by a variety of circumstances might lead to other conflicts.

Mr. Barrie stated, “Food insecurity is a developing catastrophe brought to light by the invasion of Ukraine, and it is a crisis for which Australia is unprepared.”

It’s political fear mongering, they say.

Locals are fully aware of why prices are rising and store shelves are bare, and they blame political commentators for exploiting a genuine crisis to advance their agendas.

Australia food shortage crisis blamed on Putin and climate change.

“This has nothing to do with climate change or the war in Ukraine,” Mary, a local shop owner in South East Queensland said.

“The shortage is caused by the floods which have damaged main roads and businesses. Thousands of shops were forced to close due to water damage in Brisbane, Queensland. So there’s a temporary shortage on certain produce,” Mary stated.

She went on: “This has nothing to do with the war in Eastern Europe or the climate change. This is because our government didn’t act quickly enough when it knew about the dangers and how prone South East Queensland is to flooding. They didn’t drain the dams, and they haven’t fixed the drain systems in Queensland yet. It’s a mess. But I guess it’s easier to put the blame on Putin or the weather than to take responsibility.”

Government says solution is more tax!

“Thousands and thousands of Australians have lost their homes and are without jobs and they are using this to scare people about how the world is ending, it absolutely sickens me.”

Queensland's infrastructure and government inaction caused floods.
Queensland’s infrastructure and government inaction caused floods.

The Australian government refuses to listen to criticism and continues to blame climate change and Putin for its own failings.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that climate change will be a major focus of the next federal budget which introduce more carbon tax, which will be released in October.

Mr. Albanese has promised to start a study to find out how climate change will affect food, water, and supply chains.

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