BadBunny endorses theft and robbery on her Twitch livestream


Controversial Twitch streamer BadBunny aka BadBunnyTwitch says “theft is a product of capitalism” and accuses cops of “depriving people of their basic necessities” — is she just trolling?

Nicole, a self proclaimed Posadist and far-leftist Twitch streamer BadBunny (BadBunnyTwitch), endorsed theft and robbery during her livestream and accused the police of protecting the ruling class while “depriving people of their basic necessities,” but people don’t know whether she is a troll or not.

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“You f***ing class trading mother f***ers,” a Twitch streamer known as BadBunny slammed law enforces during a controversial livestream.

The 35-year-old Twitch streamer known as BadBunny (BadBunnyTwitch) called the police “gatekeepers” and said they were offsetting the natural reactions of corrupt capitalism and depriving people of their basic necessities.

“If someone robbed a store and I knew which way he went, I’d not tell you [the police officer]motherf****er,” BadBunny said, calling the officer a class trader. “Do your own job, officer! Where’s my big pension, bitch!”

A lot of people aren’t sure whether BadBunny is being serious or if she’s just trolling.

Is BadBunny a troll?

When BadBunny goes on her anti right-wing rants she often comes across sarcastic because of her deadpan delivery. A lot of people have compared her to another popular yet controversial former Twitch streamer and YouTube provocateur Brittany Venti. Also, a lot of her political takes seem to contradict each other.

Nicole had previously earned herself a ban from Twitch after a shocked viewer clipped and reported her making a shocking racist statement on the 24th of March, 2019.

“This is just how I feel, no offense to anyone, but I just think that black people are inferior to white people in every single way,” Nicole was clipped saying.

Far left Twitch streamer BadBunnyTwitch demands subs, Keemstar laughs

Many of her loyal fans jumped to her defence saying that she is simply playing a character and often mocks extreme radical political opinions on both sides. However, left-leaning Twitch viewers did not believe that BadBunny was trolling and petitioned Twitch to have her banned off the platform.

After returning from her Twitch ban Nicole/BadBunny apologised for her offensive comments and said she was “brainwashed by the alt-right” and changed her Twitter bio to: ” I escaped the alt-right, and now I host a political show talking about it. Leftist. She/Her #Bernie2020 #TransRights.”

According to her Twitter bio, Nicole aka BadBunnyTwitch now claims to be a Posadist which suggests that she, in fact, is a troll.

Posadism is an authoritarian and economically left ideology based off the ideas of J. Posadas. He’s the “crazy cousin” of the leftist family, and holds very unorthodox views. He believes in a form of accelerationism, that holds that socialism can only be achieved after the collapse of society after a global nuclear war.

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“When Nicole pretended to support radical far-right ideals she was banned, but now she can openly speak about conservative deathcamps and cop murder without fearing a Twitch ban. She’s a next level troll who has exposed just how one sided big tech politics are,” one fan commented.

Nicole (BadBunny aka BadBunnyTwitch) has never denied that she’s a troll — however — she has made her Twitter account private since the new clip went viral. Whether or not BadBunny is a troll still remains a mystery today.

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