Battlefield 2042 “Battle Pass” update appears abandoned


EA/DICE just announced a paywalled “Battle Pass” update for Battlefield 2042, but fans want them to fix the broken game instead.

EA/DICE continue to ignore the few thousand remaining disappointed Battlefield 2042 players and their “brutal expectations” as they continue with the “Battle Pass” roadmap — but fans want them to fix the game before they charge for more content.


Freelance games’ journalist Tom Henderson revealed EA/DICE’s plans for the first paywalled Battlefield 2042 “Battle Pass” content which includes a new operator, some maps, weapons and new vehicles but fans aren’t impressed.

A debate about the new Battlefield 2042 update popped up on the game’s official subreddit and the vast majority of people were did not think it was enough to save the game.

“Before they start adding stuff, they should probably fix the base game,” a respected commentator of the subreddit stated.

Another chimed in: “It’s too little, too late. They already shit the bed. It doesn’t matter how much febreeze you squirt on the sheets. Still gonna stink.”

EA/DICE have been absolutely slammed for the state they released Battlefield 2042 in and how they handled criticism of the clearly broken video game.

DICE’s response to the outrage was to simply criticism as “brutal expectations” of a “toxic but vocal minority.” They begged the moderators of their subreddit to lockdown the discussion board and mute the amount of harsh criticism developers were receiving on the daily.

Developers reactions slammed.

Alex, co-host of The Angry Joe Show, fired back the developers remarks and offered them an alternative solution: “Make a better game. Give us a less of a reason for us to be toxic for you stealing money from you, you stupid f*cks!”

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Popular YouTuber known as Cr1TiKaL/Penguiz0, Charles White Jr, accused the developers of vilifying their player base: “I don’t think the community is there any more, I kind of think that they turned on the dev team which seems to be pushing a lot of the problems to the side, as opposed to addressing them, and kind of like the dev team is vilifying a lot of its user base. It’s a really awful situation.”

As a result of the lash back the developers received for blaming their fans for expecting a fully working game at launch, the Urban Dictionary added the phrase “brutal expectations” into their vernacular:

“The expectations that the community towards the developers have to release a finished and working Battlefield with enough supporting content,” the site defines the phrase.

Giving an example of the phrase used in context “I want a good Battlefield. Damn this Community has brutal expectations!”

Have they abandoned the Battle Pass?

It looks like EA/DICE may have completely abandoned any plans for a Battlefield 2042 “Battle Pass” update — at least for the time being — Tom Henderson revealed in a tweet late last year.

Two months after launch DICE/EA have remained completely silent on any of the “Battle Pass” updates. Industry analysts speculate that the deafening silence is due to Battlefield 2042‘s plummeting player base numbers.

Our source speculated: “The game hasn’t broken 10,000 consistent players in over two weeks. It is likely that these figures are a good indicator of what the player base is across all systems.

Analysts fear EA/DICE will abandon Battlefield 2042 "Battle Pass" due to low player base numbers.
Analysts fear EA/DICE will abandon Battlefield 2042 “Battle Pass” due to low player base numbers.

“Out of the shockingly low remaining players, how many do you realistically believe have, or will continue to pay for, the Battle Pass? My guess is not many. The money, nor the interest, is there to continue with their planned updates.”

Although rumours suggest that season 1 of the “Battle Pass” will commence in March, EA/DICE will have to fix the many game breaking bugs and try to restore their player base before they even consider releasing paywalled content. If their response to criticism is anything to go by, players are not even confident that the Battlefield 2042 will be fixed.

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