Battlefield 2042 is asset flip of older EA games like Battlefront


Gamers have discovered that some Battlefield 2042 models and textures, like Maria Falck, is an asset flip from older EA and DICE videogames.

Battlefield 2042 has been universally panned as one of the biggest fails in gaming history. Not only does the game fail to innovate the first-person shooter genre, but it also feels dated after only being out for 3 months; and that could be because we’ve seen these assets before. Models and textures, like combat medic Maria Falck, are asset flips from older EA and DICE games.


A lot of developers tend to recycle and reuse assets in their new games after giving them a bit of a graphical overhaul. In-house Activision developers are famous for recycling character models, textures and even animations in the Call of Duty franchise. However, what’s not common is flipping a major asset and lying to your fans about it.

The model for the Battlefield 2042 combat medic, Maria Falck, is a recycled asset from Battlefront 2 (2017) and it was already used in the last instalment of the Battlefield series.

Maria Falck Battlefront. Legacy asset or just plain laziness?
Battlefield 2042 is a Battlefront asset flip. Legacy asset or just plain laziness?

Maria Falck is a Specialist in Battlefield 2042, and she is a member of the Special Forces. Because of her healing and reviving skills, DICE boast that she is “vital member of your team” as a Support class soldier in your squad.

A stock female First Order officer asset from Battlefront 2 serves as the combat medic in DICE’s flop game, Maria Falck. Falck is almost a direct asset flip of a generic female First Order officer from Battlefront 2.

However, despite the fact that this isn’t really a big thing, players aren’t taking the revelation lightly, especially given the several apparent lies they’ve had to endure from EA and DICE both before and after the game’s release.

Battlefront 2 character.
Battlefront 2 character.

Players were promised the “biggest and best” Battlefield experience to-date. Developers assured gamers that the bugs that ruined the beta experience would be fixed by launch, and lied about it being an “old build” of the game.

Three months after its release, the game is still unplayable, and its player base has plummeted by a whopping 98 percent. As of February 2022, according to our sources, there are fewer than 10,000 users who are actively playing Battlefield 2042 across all platforms.

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