Battlefield 2042 petition has more signatures than the game has players


Hundreds of people are signing the Battlefield 2042 refund petition every minute and it now has more signatures than players across all platforms.

Less than a week ago the refund Battlefield 2042 petition only had 5,000 signatures, which is still a lot for a game’s dwindling player base, and it has now approaching 150K signatures which means it has exceeded the concurrent players for the game on all platforms.


Last Monday, one-tenth of the remaining 30,000 Battlefield 2042 players across all platforms signed a petition requesting a refund for what they believe is a “broken game.” Today, that number has increased dramatically as hundreds of fresh signatures are being added every minute; the petition is expected to surpass 150K signatures by this weekend.

Steam issuing refunds for Battlefield 2042 against their own policy
Steam are slowly caving in to people’s refund demands.

According to an industry insider, only 2 percent of people who purchased Battlefield 2042 last November are still playing it.

Battlefield 2042 numbers are so low that the multiplayer-only game is effectively dead,” the insider revealed.

“The player base has dropped by 98 percent across all platforms and I fear there’s nothing that EA/DICE can do to save the game,” he added.

Not only broken, but boring.

He concluded: “Making the game free-to-play won’t help much. The consumers are right, the game is broken. It is barely playable. Even if they fix it, the game will still be terrible. The gameplay is bland and the maps are uninspiring. [Battlefield 2042] is not only broken, it’s boring.”

EA’s and DICE’s attitude towards disappointed gamers helped seal the fate of this failed triple-A game, too.

Rather of profusely apologising and attempting to rectify the issues, the devs accused the fans of being toxic and harassing them. Additionally, the whole development team took a vacation following the game’s release and failed to fix any of the bugs until January, nearly two months after the game’s launch.

[mv_playlist doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” id=”2449″ jsonLd=”false” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”–zvEF6XQo–/c_limit,f_auto,fl_lossy,h_1080,q_auto,w_1920/v1641979096/ftix8ezxcmdwv5hqtwpq.jpg” title=”Charles White Jr (Cr1TiKaL) and Alex of AJS slams Battlefield 2042 developers” volume=”70″]

Co-host of The Angry Joe Show, Alex, slammed the developer for their remarks, saying, “make a better game and give us less of a reason to be toxic about you stealing money from us, you stupid f**ks.”

Popular YouTuber Charles White Jr, better known as Cr1TiKaL by the gaming community, slammed EA/DICE for “vilifying their player base” and called it one of the worst games he’s ever played.

“The game wasn’t ready, and I guess I was naïve enough to think that,” Charles White Jr said in regards to the games shoddy launch. “At this point, there would be steps in the right direction to get the game to where it should be but it’s still not…”

The refund Battlefield 2042 petition demonstrates that hundreds of thousands of gamers agree with Alex (The Angry Joe Show) that EA and DICE defrauded them by overselling a barely working product.

In only one week, over 100,000 individuals have signed the petition, with the total expected to reach 150K by the end of the week. This signifies that the petition has more signatures than there are concurrent players in the game.

  • FUN FACT: The petition received an additional 10,000 signatures while we were writing this article, making the total 109,400 at 8:48p.m. (AEST) on February 10th, 2022.

“This game was a scam. The game reviews done by IGN and other thing name companies were all paid to lie that this was the best Battlefield game to date, “the top comment on the petition reads.

“The game is barely a third done being made. I paid for the most expensive version and still no road map for content that I paid for. The game has issues and is missing over 200 features from previous Battlefields. It’s probably the worst game I’ve ever purchased and I honestly can’t believe Microsoft, PlayStation, and steam even allowed this atrocitiy [sic] onto their stores.

“EA/Dice lied about the beta bring a 3 month old build when it was actually the game in it’s current state. We were lied to and scammed out of this money and these companies should be held accountable,” it concluded.

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