Battlefield 2042 producer believes young boys should have a vasectomy


DICE veteran and associate producer of Battlefield 2042, Marie Bustgaard Granlund, believes young boys should be forced to get a vasectomy.

The Battlefield 2042 launch is, hands down, the worst of the series of this once beloved first-person shooter game. The game is incomplete, lacks a lot of content that should be standard in competitive shooters, and sadly is buggy beyond repair.


Marie Bustgaard Granlund is a 9-year veteran at DICE and worked her way up the ranks of the company starting as Quality Assurance tester for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. She was then promoted to Marketing Assistant and worked on the marketing campaign for Battlefield: Hardline and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

In 2017 she was promoted to full-time producer and became the associate producer of Battlefield 2042. As an associate producers Marie would ultimately influences or completely change the direction of a game. Originally the latest Battlefield game was supposed to be the next sequel to highly coveted Bad Company series. However, her input may have changed this.

Marie before chemotherapy
Marie before chemotherapy.

Marie recalls her first gaming memory: “When I was 13 years old and had a friend who’s father was crazy in games and had a little LAN setup at home where we went over the school lunch hours to play Doom together. Also the first time I beat my older brothers in Dead of Alive by smashing all of the buttons! I also cherish my grand mother who worked at IBM her whole life who early had a PC at home and made sure to buy games that I could play as a little kid. I remember one game that I cannot for my life remember what it was called that I played over and over again that was some type of adventure game for kids.”

Somewhere throughout her career Marie Bustgaard Granlund became a radical feminist. Whether it was because of nasty comments that may have been made about her appearance during chemo or something else, we don’t really know. Marie was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a chemotherapy. Thankfully, the treatment worked and she no longer has cancer.

Marie Bustgaard Grandlund bald
Marie Bustgaard Granlund during chemotherapy. Image credit Twitter.

Depression and anxiety are common side effects of cancer treatment. Chemo brain, a potentially debilitating chemo side effect, can result in fatigue, depression, foggy thinking, and other cognitive impairments. Perhaps her sharing an extremely offensive and controversial take by a internet comedian and political commenter is because of foggy thinking.

On the September 2, two weeks before the launch of Battlefield 2042, Marie retweeted a quote from a a self-proclaimed communist comedian Stephen Szczerba that supported the castration of young boys.

Stephen Szczerba vasectomies
Controversial tweet by Stephen Szczerba.

“Stop abortion at the source. Vasectomies are reversible. Make every young man have one. When he’s deemed financially and emotionally fit to be a father it will be reversed,” Stephen Szczerba tweeted.

Although Stephen has made his Twitter private, he post quotes of his own tweets on his Instagram where he has 300,000 followers. Some of his takes include: ex-communicate conservative family members, kill the unvaccinated, and wear masks even though your vaccinated to show that you’re not ‘an idiot conservative’.

WittyIdiot womaniser
“WittyIdiot” praises women on his Instagram… a bit too much.

Although Marie seems to be happily engaged with one of her colleagues, Kalle Nyström a level designer for Battlefield 2042, she has hinted that she may have been part of an abusive relationship in the past during a Twitter discussion about the Netflix Original Bling Empire.

Perhaps it Marie’s relationship with her level designer that caused one of the many problems that plagued the game’s launch. Nobody likes the new maps: they are too big, scattered and seem to be made in under 10 minutes. Perhaps the producer overlooked the glaring errors in the map because she was afraid to upset her fiance.

Marie Bustgaard fiance
Marie Bustgaard with fiance Kalle Nyström (level designer at DICE)

There’s no doubt that the team at DICE faced many challenges with the latest game, some of which include working from home and building a game from the ground up, but Electronic Arts had pumped more resources into this Battlefield game than any other, and they also had extended deadlines to work on (6 years).

This time around they had a bigger budget, a bigger team, and plenty of time to get it right. But sadly, they didn’t.

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