Battlefield 2042 scoreboard doesn’t show deaths to protect casuals


DICE omit deaths from scoreboard to make Battlefield 2042 less toxic experience and more diverse and casual friendly.

This week, DICE published patch 3.2 for Battlefield 2042 that does not fix any of the gamebreaking problems that have been driving so many gamers to abandon the game. A scoreboard and in-game VOIP were requested by players, and the creators responded by reassuring the audience that these will be included soon. However, Player deaths will not be reflected on the scoreboard.


DICE just pushed out patch 3.2 for Battlefield 2042 which is supposed to address a few of the many game breaking bugs that ultimately spoiled the launch of EA’s flagship shooter. Sadly, the latest patch only fixes minor bugs and brings back old ones.

The gun loadout bug which resets a players weapons and attachments after each death was supposedly addressed in patch 3.1, but many players are reporting that the issue is even worse after the latest patch.

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“Their idea of ‘fixed’ is way different than most people’s,” one player stated.

The general consensus for Battlefield 2042 patch 3.2 is bad and “very underwhelming.”

“I expect nothing and yet I am still disappointed,” one player shared on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit.

However, the dwindling player base was even more upset with the way EA/DICE handled their announcement to adding “fan requested” features like scoreboards and VOIP.

Battlefield 2042 scoreboard mockup omits deaths and teams to be more casually friendly.
Battlefield 2042 scoreboard mockup omits deaths and teams to be more casually friendly.

“Sorry DICE, I’m not patting you on the back for doing the bare minimum,” one disgruntled gamer said, reacting to the DICE’s patch announcement.

“I don’t think DICE deserve praise or gratitude for patching in industry standard features like the scoreboard. I’m tired of developers fixing games after launch and then expecting us to be grateful for it, ” he added. “We’ve seen this time and again across the industry and it’s infuriating.”

A crucial element missing from Battlefield 2042, a multiplayer-only shooter, was in-game chat through VOIP (Voice Over IP), as well as scoreboards, which are standard in any online competitive shooter. Perhaps EA/DICE doesn’t want the game to be competitive because it’s too toxic?

Death counts are toxic?

In response to player criticism that the game was launched without these features, DICE stated that they had purposely removed certain features in order to make the game more inclusive and to combat toxicity — and by the look of the new design for the scoreboard, they’re still trying to hide stats for bad players.

The scoreboard still hides deaths from other people, instead lists their positive accomplishments such as assists/defends. And, instead of showing the score for each separate team, all players are listed on the same scoreboard.

EA/DICE have not responded to the fans request to include deaths on the scoreboard and score each team individually. Furthermore, both features including the cross-platform game chat and scoreboard wont be fully implemented into the game until the end of March.

Battlefield 2042 meme
Battlefield 2042 meme goes viral.

Sadly, that may just be too little too late to save the game. Battlefield 2042 continues to bleed players by the thousands across all platforms every day.

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