Battlefield 2042 to be delayed until 2022 or be DOA


The Battlefield 2042 open beta proved that the game is far from being anywhere ready, but DICE were forced to release broken software anon-insider claims.

The Battlefield 2042 open beta launched with a plethora of game breaking bugs that revealed the current state of EA’s next big first-person shooter game and according to anonymous source at DICE, they were forced publish the beta early despite the development teams wishes.


“The current build is playable, but it is definitely not consumer ready. DICE don’t want the game published until 2022 but in the end it is Electronic Art’s decision. I fear that if the game isn’t delayed until, at least, March 2022 it will be dead on arrival,” the insider revealed.

He continued: “Releasing the game in its current state is not going to do anyone any favours: fans will be disappointed and EA will lose a lot of money on of their biggest next-gen titles. Sure, what they have is playable but it’s not polished. Considering the hype surrounding the game, I truly fear this will be like Cyberpunk 2077 all over again.”

Cyberpunk 2077 was the most hyped game of the last generation but ended up being released in an incomplete state, had a lot of missing features that were promised, and was even unplayable on last generation consoles, the insider fears the same will happen to Battlefield 2042 if the game is not delayed until 2022.

“To be fair, this isn’t really EA’s fault either. The development team have known of this deadline for a longtime now. They’ve had plenty of time to get the product ready for consumers. Sadly, the game’s development has been rough; creativity and productivity took a large hit when the developers were forced to work from home because of the pandemic.”

The insider also confirmed the rumours that Battlefield 2042 was initially supposed to be Bad Company 3.

“One of the biggest set backs was that they ultimately lacked the vision for Battlefield 2042. In early stages the game was supposed to be a sequel to the Bad Company series. They even had a prototype of the game that was scrapped because of creative differences. The team then had to brainstorm to come up with something that makes this game standout and the last year has gone into making that happen; and that’s the natural disasters and weather hazards.”

Battlefield 2042 bugs and glitches
Battlefield 2042 delayed until 2022?

According to our source the past two years have been very rough for development due to the global pandemic, but he promises that if fans are willing to be patient the wait for the complete Battlefield 2042 experience will be “well worth it.”

As it stands Battlefield 2042 has not been delayed and is still set to launch next month, on November 19th world wide. You can pre-order the game on the official website or sign up for EA Play Pro and get to play the game a few days before it launches on PC.

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