BioShock live-action Netflix movie adaptation actually looks promising


Netflix has a writer and director for its live-action BioShock movie adaptation, and it looks very promising.

Fans have every right and reason to be skeptical when Netflix announce they announce that they are making live-action adaption of a game, graphic novel or other media. However, their live-action BioShock movie might actually be the exception to this rule.

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Netflix has a poor reputation for destroying classic tales with poor adaptations and translations. Cowboy Bebop and Resident Evil’s live-action adaptations are among the most reviled live-action adaptations on Netflix.

Cowboy Bebop was cancelled on Netflix less than a week after it made its debut because the show was met with universally negative feedback from viewers as well as professional reviewers. The producers of the unsuccessful series declined to provide funding for a second season, despite the fact that a petition to rescue the show got 120,000 signatures.

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Fans of the famous survival horror video game panned their live-action adaptation of Resident Evil, with many labelling it one of the worst television programmes ever produced. The series has a dreadful Metacritic user rating of 1.5 out of 10, the sites maximum.

“In fact, to write a Netflix series you need people who have never read, played or seen the basic work. You impose a thick political agenda on them, and you flush the toilet: Here you have your Netflix adaptation,” one fan wrote.

Big Daddy in BioShock.
Big Daddy in BioShock.

There is, however, a glimmer of hope that the live-action film version of BioShock will be worthy of the expectations that have been built up for it.

Netflix announced that Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) will be directing the BioShock live-action film and that Michael Green (Logan, American Gods) will be writing the script.

American Gods on Amazon Prime is one of the greatest book-to-television adaptations produced in recent years. The show has an incredible Metacritic user rating of 7.50 out of 10. Michael Green was really loyal to the source material, and the writing is impeccable.

Francis Lawrence has often demonstrated his ability to convey his vision to the screen, and with the assistance of a strong script, the Netflix live-action version of BioShock may be just what fans are seeking.

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