BOMBSHELL: Insider exposes plot to ruin Johnny Depp


A film industry insider who has worked with many a-list talents and has a wealth of experience sent us an absolute bombshell email that could potentially expose a plot to destroy Johnny Depp all in the name of activism and politics.

A former production executive at New Line Cinema believes that Amber Heard may have been contacted by a influential and well connected member of an activist group and the author of the infamous “Emily Doe” letter to get her organisation worldwide recognition by smearing one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors. This bombshell email exposes the motives of a corrupt political activist group.

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“Amber Heard was one in a line of ‘ambassadors’ that had been recruited by non-profits closely associated with the Violence Against Women Act and the Obama/Biden office of civil rights. The same group who wanted to engage young women voters and thought that the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence conversation would engage them – which it did.”

The insider explains that the Office of Civil Rights was run by activists who have been vehemently against due process in campus sexual assault cases, resulting in approximately 700 federal lawsuits of which 300 or so have been ruled in favour of an accused student whose due process rights were denied.

Heard’s group falsely accuses innocent boys.

“Several students faced criminal trials out of this too. The most famous of these trials are New Hampshire v Owen Labrie in 2015 and People v Brock Turner in 2016. There is also the infamous Rolling Stone ‘A Rape on Campus’ story which turned out to be a fake too. Yet these trials, the Rolling Stone magazine article and now the Amber Heard/ACLU piece all tie back to the same operatives: Professor Michele Dauber, Catherine Lhamon, Laura L Dunn; the creation of ‘Dear Colleague’ a federal directive that was unregulated but introduced in 2011 by Joe Biden and which foreshadowed #MeToo movement,” the bombshell email reads.

The insider references the, Chessy Prout, then 15-year-old girl, New Hampshire v Owen Labrie trial and reveals that she was recruited by Laura L Dunn in Spring 2015 before the trial in August 2015. “She brought with her the sensationalized and tainted media. Chanel Miller in People v Brock Turner appears to have been completely taken over by Michele Dauber who was colluding with the DA for a #MeToo political coup,” the insider adds in their bombshell email.

Owen Labrie
Elizabeth Frantz/The Concord Monitor via AP, Pool

“Chessy Prout’s family moved to DC in 2016 and she became an ambassador for PAVE which is a fraudulent organization.  In my opinion,” the insider states, “Chessy Prout was a vessel for them to use and she was fed a script for the Labrie trial so that they could turn him into the face of a high school entitled rapist even though the jury acquitted him of felony rape. He probably would have acquitted him altogether if the prosecutor hadn’t worked with Laura Dunn and company to mislead media and jury on the DNA. Semen sperm couldn’t be attributable to him.  In TV interviews and in Chessy’s book they use the exact same talking points that Amber Heard was given by ACLU.”

Owen Labrie was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to 12 months for flirting with Prout on the internet. Although Prout responded and engaged in the flirting she later told the court that she only “did it out of fear.”

It’s very, very political.

Amber Heard joined the Brett Kavanaugh US Supreme Court Confirmation Protest in front of the Supreme Court on October 4, 2018 in Washington, DC. The ACLU has strongly referenced Kavanaugh in their talking points as pointed out in the bombshell letter.

The insider adds: “The original reports of this noted the letter came from a Stanford Law Professor — which would be Michele Dauber too — but isn’t it interesting how closely associated Amber Heard is to Michele Dauber and how her talking points from the ACLU also include Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh and Title IX campus sexual assault.  ACLU joined KnowYourIX, one of the non-profits, to challenge due process.”

In a Glamour article published the following month Amber Heard says her career is most inspired by Palestinian American activist Yasmeen Mjalli and Stanford University law professor Michele Dauber, who supported and allegedly wrote the “Emily Doe” letter in the Stanford rape case. “It’s those women who deserve the spotlight,” she said. “I am humbled just to amplify their voices.”

The insider references this article in their email: “Well, this is interesting regarding Michele Dauber and Amber Heard; who had Roberta Kaplan representing her. Kaplan confounded TimesUp with Tina Tchen who, from the start, was involved with Dear Colleague. Kaplan defended Columbia University against Paul Nunsinger when he Title IX sued them over Mattress Girl/Emily Sulkowicz. Kaplan even famously said that she didn’t think that his education had been significantly impacted! Mattress Girl was featured heavily in The Hunting Ground documentary — propaganda that was debunked — and also in ‘Carry that Weigh’ protest that Michele Dauber led.”

Florida State University’s president denounced The Hunting Ground documentary. A group of 19 Harvard law professors wrote that it “provides a seriously false picture both of the general sexual assault phenomenon at universities and of our student” accused in a case depicted in the film.

“May 26, 2016 Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorce – the box to tick for domestic violence is the only box left blank,” the former production executive claims.

Michele Dauber fraud.

“June 2016 Emily Doe letter read on house floor leading to bipartisan workforce to end domestic and sexual violence. A FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) email dump by local journalist in Santa Clara County shows that Michele Dauber actually wrote the Emily Doe letter, and not Chanel Miller, and that the entire People v Brock Turner trial and recall of Judge Persky that followed involved behind the scenes collusion between Michele Dauber and the District Attorney. Dauber allegedly being investigated for election fraud.”

Michele Dauber
Michele Dauber wrote the “Emily Joe” letter. Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins /

The Emily Doe letter was called the #MeToo manifesto by Michele Dauber. It also led to Joe Biden writing an open letter to abuse survivors reading, “I do not know your name — but I know that a lot of people failed you that terrible January night and in the months that followed,” Biden wrote. “It must have been wrenching — to relive what he did to you all over again. But you did it anyway, in the hope that your strength might prevent this crime from happening to someone else. Your bravery is breathtaking.”

The bombshell email continues: “November 2016, shortly after her Amber Heard’s divorce but before the extend of the accusations she made against Depp were made public, she met Michele Dauber at an awards show. In 2018 Amber Heard honoured Dauber in her Glamour/ACLU Op-Ed about #MeToo.”

The Virginia judge overseeing the defamation suit regarding that article ordered Heard to supply all correspondence with ACLU and anyone related by May 28. Johnny Depp has petitioned SCNY as ACLU did not co-operate and have even been slammed for not being transparent with their motives.

ACLU smeared Johnny Depp.

“The answer to our question concerned the ACLU would have been most useful to an issue raised by Ms Heard concerning the title of her op-ed. It is disappointing that the VPA chose not to be transparent in that regard,” Mr Chew wrote in response to a amicus brief request to have the trial thrown out.

Documents released so far reveal that ACLU was working deliberately to smear Johnny with the Op-Ed but working with Ms Head to use a legal “freedom of speech” loophole to avoid being sued for defamation. The ACLU are now defendants in the upcoming trial.

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“Who does Amber Heard say she is inspired by? Michele Dauber, who, per an FOIA email dump from 2019, appears to have written the Emily Doe Letter that was read to Congress, that she hailed as the #MeToo manifesto and which caused Joe Biden to say ‘I see you’ to Chanel Miller?” The insider concludes in their bombshell mail.

Was Amber Heard recruited by Michele Dauber in May 2016 and that’s why People got on board and published an article about how the divorce quickly spiralled into accusations of domestic violence by Johnny? Is Johnny Depp a scapegoat in a political plot to give the #MeToo movement power to circumvent legislative law?

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