Boogie2988 says 20-year-old girl took advantage of him when he was 44


YouTuber Boogie2988 jokingly says 20-year-old girl he dated at 44 took advantage of his mental state after old H3H3 clip resurfaces.

Steven Jay Williams, better known by his online alias Boogie2988, fires back at people criticising him for dating a 20-year-old when he was 44, saying that he was the one who “got cradled snatched.”

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As shocking career ending allegations keep popping up about big YouTubers, Boogie2988 appears to have a rather clean past. That’s not to say that other content haven’t tried to accuse him of some disgusting things.

An edgy, ex-YouTuber, known as Frank Hassle accused the 47-year-old of “liking children” and harassed Boogie to the point of a mental breakdown which ended in an arrest.

Without so much as a shred of evidence, Frank Hassle, blamed his YouTube ban on Boogie and his fans.

“Him and his p*ssy viewers mass flagged my channel because I made fun of that disgusting fat p*dophile,” Hassle said in an interview with Daniel Keem on DramaAlert.

Hassle’s YouTube content was in violations of the platform’s policies and many people weren’t surprised when the controversial creator was permanently banned off the popular video hosting service.

But now Hassle’s fans and other Boogie2988 detractors are, again, calling him a “kiddie fiddler” after an old H3H3 Podcast clip of him admitting to dating 20-year-old girl when he was 44 resurfaced.

“A clip of me on the h3h3 podcast is going around where I admitted to dating a 20 year old when I was 44. If you think that’s creepy keep in mind mentally and emotionally I am 14. She was robbing the cradle,” Boogie2988 tweeted.

Boogie later clarified that he was merely joking, but still, his detractors believed the then 44-year-old man groomed and took advantage of a female fan 24-years his junior.

Boogie2988 with ex-girlfriend

“Hot take, apparently. Two consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as it’s legal,” Boogie2988 tweeted, adding, “You can judge them for it all you want to, of course. Call it creepy or weird. That’s fine. But absolutely they shouldn’t stop because you’ve clutched your pearls.”

The age of consent in Boogie’s state, Virginia, is 15-years-old — which has been largely criticised for being ‘too young’. Boogie’s ex-girlfriend, who was 20 at the time, was at the age of consent and their relationship would have been legal not only in all states across the USA, but around the world too.

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