Britney Spears’ bathroom story has fans concerned


Britney Spears has some fans concerned after telling a long and odd story of being imprisoned inside her bathroom in middle of the night.

The pop sensation and singer of chart topping hit “I’m A Slave 4 U”, Britney Spears, recently detailed her dramatic bathroom escapade, outlining how she became imprisoned and the lengths to which she and others went to release her.

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Britney claims she became sidetracked by some leftover coffee while looking for face wash and failed to notice she was locked inside. She claims that her partner, Sam Asghari, was fast asleep and that she had to shout four times to rouse him.

The next morning, Britney reports that she was able to phone security and have them come open the door… but it appears that they were also asleep, like Sam.

Britney claims that another forty-five minutes passed before she was finally released, and that she sustained herself by sipping her and cold cup of coffee.

The emoji-ridden wall of text story might be give us a bit of insight into her cluttered mind while she fights against her father’s conservatorship to regain her own freedoms.

Britney Spears with her boyfriend/hushand

Some fans are concerned about Britney’s mental state as the events of these story seem very bizarre and very unlikely to happen.

“Locked in a bathroom? Since when do bathrooms lock from the outside. That’s very creepy! Is Britney OK? Is she a prisoner in her own home?!” One user responed.

Others believe that this story might be a metaphor about 13-year conservatorship she fought to free her self from and how she felt trapped and helpless and alone.

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Jamie Spears, Spears’ father, used to be in charge of her personal and financial affairs. Now he manages the finances and business. Britney Spears’ personal decisions were overseen by Jodi Montgomery in September 2019.

Britney Spears made a shocking claim that her dad and everybody involved in this conservatorship and management should be jailed for a gross violation of human rights.

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