Buffy spin-off Rosenberg to be about Willow’s daughter


Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother) will return as Willow Rosenberg in Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off series about her own daughter.

Looks like Buffy won’t be rebooted at all. Disney are planning on expanding on the original story by introducing a new generation of the scooby gang. New Buffy spin-off “Rosenberg” will be based on the relationship between Willow (Alyson Hannigan) and her daughter.

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Disney have been talking about breathing new life into Joss Whedon’s classic hit 90s series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as the that one girl in all the world, a chosen one.

Following the unofficial announcement of the reboot, fans had a reason to worry that the new series would destroy all of the established canon. However, we’ve recently discovered that Disney does not intend on discarding the original mythos. Disney plan to expand on the current story, a source told us.

So, keeping in fashion with the “into every generation” theme, the new Vampire Slayer series will have a brand new star and original character who will not be a “reimagined” portrayal of Buffy Summers. Showrunner Monica Owusu-Breen is, however, continuing the “scooby gang” narrative by focusing on the kids of Buffy and her friends.

The new series could actually be based on Kendra Blake’s book “In Every Generation” which introduces Willow’s daughter, Frankie Rosenberg.

In Every Generation

In the novel Frankie Rosenberg is an environmental activist, a sophomore at New Sunnydale High School, and the daughter of Sunnydale’s most powerful witch.

In July, 2020, a source close to Disney told POPTOPIC that Disney were in early discussions of creating a spin-off called “Rosenberg” which — as the name suggests — would be about Buffy’s best magical friend Willow. We’ve now learned that this rumour was, in fact, half true.

Willow will not be the sole focus in the upcoming “Rosenberg” spin-off series created by Disney. The show will revolve around Willow’s daughter, but is rumoured to feature Alyson Hannigan as a supporting actress.

“I’ve been told that she’s totally on board for the spin-off,” our source said about Hannigan’s excitement to return to the Whedonverse.

The source also revealed that Willow’s daughter — who might be Frankie Rosenberg from the Disney Hyperion Publishing book “In Every Generation” — will play a “huge part” in the series revival, hinting that she just may be the next chosen one.

“Can you just imagine if Buffy also had magical powers? I think it would have made her one of the most bad ass female protagonists … superheroes even,” the source added.

Willow Rosenberg comics

Wait… what?! Back up there. Is Willow’s daughter going to be the new Vampire Slayer?! And what is this about ‘super heroes’?! Could Disney be planning on crossing the Buffyverse with the Marvel Universe?!

I think it is fair to assume that Willow’s daughter will be the new Slayer, but just how outrageously unlikely is it that Disney will to a Buffy/Marvel crossover? I mean, they’ve done some crazy stuff in the past.

The story didn’t end when the show ended. The 7th season may have been where the television series ended, but the story canonically continued for 5 more seasons in comic books published by Dark Horse Comics all the way up until 2018, right up until the Disney-Fox acquisition.

BOOM! Studios, a comic book subsidiary company owned by The Walt Disney Company, then “re-imagined the series for the 2021” and published the original series in comic book form. They also did a great job keeping the lore from the original Dark Horse comics and even expanded on the story by publishing 5 additional graphic novels; the Willow miniseries.

BOOM! Comics Willow miniseries will reportedly also serve as canon for the upcoming Buffy spin-off called “Rosenberg” which is about Willow’s daughter.

According BleedingCool we can expect a lot more news on the new Vampire Slayer series in early 2022.

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