Canadian TikTok teacher TeachPoirier cries over Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

Geography teacher doesn't understand law.

Dave Poirier, a geography teacher, cried while addressing his students in a TikTok video, telling them it doesn’t make sense.

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As a response to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, a geography teacher at St. Catherine’s Collegiate in Ontario, Canada, posted a TikTok video to address his students of colour. “This isn’t justice,” the high school teacher proclaimed.


On TikTok, Dave Poirier has a sizable following. Mr. Poirier has accumulated approximately 250k TikTok followers over the last two years. He is well-known for uploading videos of himself playing “iconic millennial music” for his students and eliciting their participation in singing the song’s lyrics.

Dave Poirier also takes pride in his fashion sense, frequently referring to himself as a “well-dressed teacher of TikTok.” In an attempt to persuade educators to rethink education, he coined the hashtag #maketeachingfun. However, not everyone agrees with his method of instruction.

While Poirier has expressed support for a vaccine mandate in the public arena, he is opposed to standardized testing in educational settings.

He thinks education is racist.

Poirier believes that the school structure is predicated on white supremacist ideals and therefore refuses to assign homework. “Homework is inequitable. “Not every kid is dealing with the same home environment,” he said, implying that minorities and people of colour may not have the same opportunities as white children.

However, the majority of parents have reservations about the way he “connects” with their children. Dave Poirier is very active on social media and encourages his students to do the same. He even sends and receives Snapchat messages from his students who are under the age of 18. While this does not always indicate that the teacher is up to no good, it is certainly enough to make some parents uneasy.

Doxed his own students.

Poirier inadvertently doxed his students on social media by pinning, replying, and actively encouraging them to upload videos of themselves dancing on TikTok. Priorier even threatened a person for referring to one of his students as a “pronoun chick.”

TeachPoirier doxes and offers candy to his underage students.
Famous TikTok teacher TeachPoirier doxes and offers candy to his underage students.

Poirier stated that offending his students pushed him into “papa bear mode,” and he responded via video with the following: “I rarely use my TikTok to shred strangers on the internet, but when you [insult my student’s pronouns], I’ll make an exception.” Pronouns are not optional. I hope you get what you deserve! “

Dave, whose academic credentials are unknown, claims to also teach a law course. He also chose to comment on the Kyle Rittenhosue verdict.

Dave mocks people who criticise his teaching methods.
Famous TikTok teacher Dave mocks people who criticise his teaching methods.

“This isn’t justice,” Mr. Poirier said. “It doesn’t make sense, especially to the bipoc people who took my law course.”

“If you’re angry, that’s okay,” an emotional, teary-eyed Dave Poirier stated.

“I’m here and I’m fighting with you until this world makes a little more sense,” Dave concluded, while encouraging his students to direct messages to him.

Thinks Rittenhouse is guilty.

Not everybody agreed with TeachPoirier’s sentiment. Many were shocked to think that someone who allegedly has a law degree could not see the Rittenhouse case as a clear example for self-defence.

Everyone did not concur with TeachPoirier’s sentiment. Many were taken aback that someone with an alleged law degree could not see this as a clear and concise case for self-defence.

“How about watching the trial with your students? So they’re actually informed about what happened and not what the media says happened. ” One user commented:

One person fired back at TeachPoirier: “Why are you addressing people of colour specifically in this video? Why would they be so upset about this verdict? The two men who died that day were white. They were also felons. Are you trying to say people of colour and criminals can relate? That’s really racist. ” 

Another wrote, “How do you explain self-defense? How do you explain the right to protect yourself? Did you watch the trial? What should he have been convicted of? “

Regardless of the backlash from his video, Dave has doubled down and believes Kyle Rittenhouse should have been charged with murder. As of right now, the video is still live on TeachPoirier’s TikTok page (TeachPoirier).

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