Celebrities exempt from hotel quarantine says Chief Health Officer

Celebrities are exempt from strict lockdown laws because they are better than us.

It is mandatory for all people visiting Australia to be sent to a designated hotel for a two week quarantine period, but celebrities are exempt says Chief Health Officer.

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Today on ABC Brisbane radio the Queensland Chief Health Officer said that all people either leaving or entering Australia are legally required to quarantine for two weeks regardless if they have had the vaccine. But you cannot just stay anywhere during your quarantine, you’re assigned a hotel room for two weeks — that is unless you’re a famous and have lots of money. Celebrities are exempt.

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Queensland Chief Health Officer, Jeanette Young, urged all Australian’s to get the vaccine on ABC Brisbane radio this morning, further insinuating those who chose not to are selfish and are putting other people at risk. She also said that, regardless of whether you’re vaccinated, you will still need to follow all strict lockdown laws and regulations.

Jeanette Young explained that people who are vaccinated are still legally obligated to social distance, wear masks, stay at home, and quarantine if they’re travelling. Not following these strict lockdown laws could result in a fine or even prison time. It’s not enough to quarantine at an Air BNB or at a friends house, you need to go to a specific lockdown hotel to an assigned room. Many have compared this strict hotel lockdowns to being incarcerated.

The ABC Brisbane reporter asked Young whether the same rules apply to rich and famous Hollywood movie stars and other celebrities to which she hesitantly answered, “special requests can be made for high profile people.”

George Clooney and Julia Roberts, Ticket to Paradise (2022)
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Hollywood veterans George Clooney and Julia Roberts are heading to Queensland Australia to film their new romantic comedy called Ticket To Paradise this summer. When the ABC Brisbane radio host asked the Chief Health Officer whether Clooney and Roberts would also have to stay at one of these hell quarantine hotels like everybody else, Jeanette Young said they are exempt from this rule and special accommodations can be made per their agents request.

“It depends solely on the circumstance. So many factors come in to play. But special quarantine accommodations made for certain people depending on the situation,” Young explained.

Ms Young hinted that these kind of accommodations are usually made to give high profile people who are in the public’s eye more safety and privacy, and ultimately it is up to her department to decide who qualifies for this added luxury.

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