Clownfield 2042, a Battlefield parody game, has a better score


After the colossal disappointment that Battlefield 2042 was, gamers have finally had enough. A dollar Battlefield parody game called Clownfield 2042 has better reviews on steam.

Battlefield 2042 went from being the most anticipated game ever to the biggest let down in recent gaming history, even more so than Cyberpunk 2077. What makes it even worse is EA’s and DICE’s unwillingness to accept criticism and defend their turd pile with their dying breath. Now fans are protesting by supporting its Steam parody; Clownfield 2042.


After hundreds of thousands of fans have made their voice’s heard by flat out abandoning the game, EA and DICE still refuse to act.

According to Steam charts, nearly two months after its official launch, Battlefield 2042 has dropped to an all time embarrassing low of 16,000 players. While that may still sound like a sizable number of players logging in at any given time, it’s astonishing for a game of this calibre in the gaming industry. And even today, these numbers continue to plummet.

Officials from Electronic Arts and DICE responded to the uproar by branding unsatisfied customers as “butthurt incels,” who claimed they were “having a cry” because the game didn’t meet their “unrealistic expectations”.

The few remaining fans of the franchise have completely abandoned the proverbial battlefield just like EA and DICE completely abandoned their last unfinished game, Battlefield V — and they’ve seemed to find solace in a strange new low budget parody game called Clownfield 2042.

Clownfield 2042 by RIVERSIDE SPORTS screenshot.
Clownfield 2042 (Battlefield parody) by RIVERSIDE SPORTS screenshot.

Even the game’s plot is a piss-take of the laughable so-called lore behind the new Battlefield game:

After 2022 cryptocrash caused by NFT’s, majority of nations collapsed and a union of ‘No-Clowns’ has been formed. You are one of them, arm up and get ready for war,” the description reads.

“It’s all out Clownfare,” one developer adds. “The next generation of fan favorites Clownfare and Hovercraft Zone features the largest Clownfield maps ever built and up to whatever amount of AI players your PC can handle. Experience the intensity of All Out Clownfare on maps filled with mediocre weather and world events, such as Tornado.”

The game even makes a mockery of the bugged out hovercrafts in Battlefield 2042 with their very own “Hovercraft Zone” mode.

“Why play the game like its meant to be played when you can hop into hovercraft and slay all your enemies? Disrupt the game physics, break the rules of gameplay and enjoy the broken and unoptimized experience ever.”

The current built of this parody game features the following:

  • Three Maps [War Island, Paradise City and The Heat]
  • Six Weapons [2 Assault Rifles, 1 Handgun, 1 Sniper Rifle, 1 Rocket Launcher and 1 Shotgun]
  • Three Game Modes [All Out Clownfare – Free for All with AI, Hovercraft Zone – Hovercraft vs. AI, Clownfield Gateway – Adjust ingame properties to play the way you want to play]
  • Weather Events [Physics driven Tornado System across all maps]
  • AI System [Pretty basic but good enough for the moment]
  • And much more!

The game has a better score on Steam than EA’s triple-A title. Clownfield 2042 currently boasts a “very positive” review score and most of them are quite hilarious.

“Fine! I’ll have my own Battlefield 2042, with blackjack and hookers,” one user wrote, giving the game a big blue thumbs up.

“Battlefield 2042 at home,” another commented.

A lot of of the few remaining diehard Battlefield fans were shocked to see the game with such good reviews for being what it is, and the community has a perfect response to that: “Don’t be sad, this is how it works out sometimes.”

Surprisingly (although I think it won’t be long now) EA have not sent developer, RIVERSIDE SPORTS, a cease and desist notice for the Battlefield parody and you can purchase Clownfield 2042 for as little as A$1.34 (10$ off!) on the Steam Store.

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