DoorDash drivers refuse to deliver without seeing pre-tip


Customers are forced to pick up their own DoorDash orders because drivers are refusing to deliver without pre-tip.

Are DoorDash delivery drivers becoming too entitled? Thousands of customers are either getting their food cold or have to pick it up themselves because drivers are refusing to deliver to customers who don’t immediately pre-tip customers.


Just one week after a DoorDash glitch bankrupted hundreds of dishonest customers, drivers are now holding customers’ orders for ransom if they don’t give them a tip… and not just any tip…a pre-tip.

What the hell is a pre-tip, you ask? Good question. Customers can add tips to their orders before the food is even allocated to a driver, much less prepared and available for pickup. This astounding feature provides DoorDash drivers with the foresight to deny delivery or, in the worst case, accept the order and subsequently cancel it.

A video that was uploaded to TikTok and quickly went viral demonstrated, in essence, to DoorDash drivers how they might extort money from their customers in exchange for delivering their orders.

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Because client orders without pre-tips were not being picked up and took up too much space, some businesses were forced to call DoorDash support for assistance. In certain instances, the food had been sitting there for three hours or longer.

One disgruntled consumer took to TikTok to share his opinion on entitled DoorDash delivery drivers and the apps pre-tip feature.

Order backlog for non pre-tippers.
Order backlog for non pre-tippers.

“I won’t ever pre-trip, just refund me,” the customer said.

“Tipping is not for the deliver service, I pay a delivery fee. In fact, on top of that, I pay inflated prices for delivery. The tip is for good delivery service,” he added.

“I will never pre-tip an UberEats or a DoorDash delivery driver. You guys are just glorified delivery drivers who feel like entrepreneurs, but you really just have the same job I had for a pizzeria when I was in high school. You’re just a delivery driver.

“Now, if you deliver my order in a timely manner, I’ll tip you, because I’m tipping you for the quality service. However, if you deliver 7 orders along the way, I’m not giving you a tip. I am not tipping for my food to arrive cold so you can make extra money.”

Others took the the comments to ridicule the DoorDash drivers for trying to take advantage of the customers instead of petitioning the company to pay them more.

However, the sentiment that is expressed the most frequently is the problem that most people have with the pre-trip feature itself.

One person opined: “DoorDash needs to remove the tip amount from the drivers view. There is no need for them to know the tip prior. They should also release tip 4 hours after delivery, not instantly.”

DoorDash has not yet made addressed the issue with orders being avoided, or held for ransom by entitled delivery drivers.

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