DoorDash exploit for unlimited free items bankrupts many TikTok users


Students and low-income earners owe hundreds and thousands of dollars after DoorDash bills users for using free items and delivery exploit.

A video that exposed an exploit in the DoorDash app that allowed users to buy an unlimited number of items for free went viral on TikTok. However, the DoorDash company has now directly debited the accounts of these users, putting them in a significant financial bind.


One user thought he discovered a loop hole in the popular food deliver app DoorDash. A exploit seemingly allowed users to buy whatever they wanted from the app without paying a single cent. The video went viral and been viewed over 1 million times and thousands of people decided to try the exploit themselves.

A single user placed a purchase for dozens of expensive bottles of alcohol, with each bottle having a worth of around $5,000. Others took advantage of the exploit to place orders for food and groceries. These people had the mistaken belief that they had been able to keep hundreds or even thousands of dollars as a result of their exploitative behaviour. However, as a result of the exploit, these people are now facing serious legal and financial consequences.

DoorDash bills and bans users who exploited app.
DoorDash bills and bans users who exploited app.

“This isn’t some coo life hack. I wont people to understand that they are effectively stealing from these companies, and since the app stores their personal details, they will be held accountable for their actions,” one TikTok user warned.

They continued: “And no. You’re not finessing DoorDash. You’re literally stealing from your small local businesses, you idiots.”

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People who ignored the warnings and proceeded to use the exploit woke up with their accounts overdrawn by DoorDash. The company fixed the exploit and billed each user for the amount they exploited shops and stores for.

One person claimed his friend lost everything after using the exploit: “My friend called me crying. He woke up to 10 missed calls from his bank. His bank was overdrawn by USD$20,000 and there’s no way he can pay it because he’s an unemployed student. He will most likely have to file for bankruptcy and therefore lose his student loan and be kicked out of college.”

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