Dr DisRespect was allegedly banned for “drama and hearsay”


“It was like being in high school!” Dr DisRespect was banned off Twitch because of “drama and hearsay” former Twitch employee claims.

Herschel (Guy) “Dr DisRespect” Beahm IV, the big streamer with an even bigger name, was banned off Twitch in June of last year and until now nobody, not even the two time champ himself, knows why. — but an ex-Twitch employee says the reason was just drama.


“A few partnered female streamers didn’t like Dr DisRespect,” the source revealed, adding, “it was like being in high school all over again listening to them b*tch and moan about him.

“These girls set up a Discord group and invited a handful of Twitch and Discord employees,” the former Twitch employee described the situation to feel a lot like a “support group for people who didn’t like The Doc.”

According to the Twitch employee, some serious allegations were thrown around although most of them were just Twitch streamers complaining about him being “toxic” in private messages to them.

He continued: “They shared screenshots of messages. Nothing that seemed too alarming, and appeared to be completely in-character.”

Dr DisRespect is a persona played by Herschel (Guy) “Dr DisRespect” Beahm IV. The character of Dr DisRespect is supposed to be an exaggerated take on the disgraced Donkey Kong videogame world record winner Billy Mitchell.

“I don’t know if the ban is correlated to this Discord group that was created, but I know that both Twitch and Discord administrators were invited to it and I don’t think it is a coincidence shortly after he was banned. If he [Dr DisRepsect] did get banned it was all over drama and hearsay just because people don’t like him.”

TimTheTatman & DrLupo reunite with Dr DisRespect on YouTube
TimTheTatman reunites with Dr DisRespect at YouTube gaming after Twitch drama.

One of the users who is alleged to belong to this Discord community is Twitch partner AvaGG. A few days before Dr DisRespect was banned she tweeted, “We have abusers in the community and we also have the creeps that are married with wives and children sliding in dms.”

In response to our article, Amanda “AvaGG” Myddleton claimed that her Tweet was a joke and the fact that Guy Beahm was banned a few days after was merely coincidental.

Esport reporter Rod Breslau also insinuated that The Doc was banned because of his conduct with other female streamers off-platform and insisted that what the streamer did was terrible but refused to disclose the information because of “the sensitive nature of the topic.” He also stated that it The Doc was done, not just on Twitch, due the seriousness of the case.

Herschel (Guy) “Dr DisRespect” Beahm IV did reveal that he finally knows why he got banned off Twitch and has announced this he will be suing the Amazon-owned company.

“There is a reason why I don’t talk about it,” Dr DisRespect said in his livestream regarding the issue. “But a lot of people ask me, ‘do you know the reason,’ and — yeah — I do know the reason why now. I have known for months now the reason why. And I will just say this now champs … there is a reason why we’re suing the f***k out off them.”

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Close buddies and associates of Dr DisRespect, TimTheTatman and DrLupo, have also left Twitch to reunite with him on YouTube Gaming. Fans believe that they have left Twitch because they’ve recently learned why Twitch banned The Doc.

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