Dream doxed and called catfish for being a Trump supporter


Dream doxed: friends revealed face after Twitch streamer HasanAbi claims that the Minecraft YouTuber supports Donald Trump.

Dream is the most popular Minecraft YouTuber and, until today, his identity has been kept a secret, even by his close friends. However, when an unconfirmed rumour surfaced claiming that Dream is a Trump supporter, his entire family got doxed and his identity and face were revealed. Now Dream is being accused of being a catfish.

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Dream, the world’s most popular Minecraft YouTuber who has recently been embroiled in a controversy over cheating in a number of Minecraft speedruns, has recently sunk deeper into hot water after far-leftist Twitch streamer called HasanAbi accused him of racism for allegedly supporting former US president Donald J Trump.

During a livestream HasanAbi slammed Dream for collaborating with Notch, the creator of Minecraft, who he calls a “devout white supremacist and transphobic.” Hasan’s comments lead many to believe that Dream was a “racist Trump supporter” so they started digging through his tweets. Some of his old friends even turned on him and doxed him, and his family.

A twitter user accused Dream of misusing AAVE (African-American Vernacular English) and “demonising rap music” in a series of tweets, sharing a screenshot of a direct message with a rapper named Armani. The user then tweets a slew of supporting evidence pointing to Dream’s racism throughout his career, including clips from previous live streams, memes he’s shared, and old tweets.

Dream exposed tweet

Shortly after, Twitter user @oomfed1 posted an image of an young heavyset white male claiming it to actually be Dream. The YouTuber who has over 20 million subscribers has made the effort of keeping his identity secret since he started his channel. The aforementioned tweet alleges Dream is a catfish and uses his brother as a body double for his merch shoots and images including the infamous image that shows him wearing a green Dream hoody and the signature Dream mask.

Although the image was never confirmed to be of Dream, it quickly went viral, along with tweets accusing him of racism. As the hashtag grew in popularity, trolls began posting photoshopped tweets portraying Dream as violently racist Trump supporter, as well as memes mocking the YouTuber’s unexpected appearance and criticising people for being his fans. Many online trolls used the hashtags #Dream_Out and #DreamChungus to post these. According to Know Your Meme News, they were coordinated through the Peniswater Discord server, a well-known trolling collective responsible for the #RIPElon death hoax that went viral earlier this year.

Dream's bother/body double

Although he has not yet made a public apology, Dream has denied all racist allegations and has also apologised to his community for his edgy humour. He’s also attempted to make amends by boosting black creators on his second Twitter profile. He’s also stated that he believes “Trump is an idiot” and he’s not a republican and has never, nor would ever, vote for Trump.

Perhaps the people he should be the most concerned about are Trump-hating fans that would dox and smear him if they even believed he didn’t agree with them politically.

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