Dua Lipa sets fashion trend again and fans are amazed

The British popstar wears an attention-grabbing ensemble.

Mega popstar Dua Lipa is constantly setting the trend with her stylish and fashion forward social media posts. She looks stunning no matter where she is.

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Dua Lipa, style-minded and fashion-forward and trend-setting popstar, created quite a commotion among her followers last Friday when she shared a stunning snapshot of herself wearing an attention-getting costume.

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The singer of the hit song New Rules looked stunning, as usual, in a black bikini top with sparkling silver flowers embroidered on the cups, which she wore to the beach.

To complement the top, Dua wore a string that she looped over her tummy and showed off her chiselled abs and bronzed complexion.

Dua Lipa beach ready

There is a good chance that Dua, who is dressed in an eye-catching orange jacket and matching trousers, will be turn heads with her stylish fashionable appearance.

Fire and love lit up emojis for hundreds of fans. A fan said, “I’m levitating above you; you’re beautiful.”

Holy crap, you’re one of a kind! Another individual went on to say “There is no one more beautiful than the Queen,” while a fourth person just said “The Queen.” As seen in the image above, Dua complimented her appearance by wearing a beautiful rope belt while also using a single strand of hair that went over her belly to emphasise her tanned six-pack and defined abdomen.

Dua’s fashion choices have always left her admirers perplexed, and this is no exception. On Wednesday, she posted a photo on social media in which she was wearing a crop top with a slit up one side and a pair of tiger print pants around her legs.

Fashion icon in leopard print

The singer caused a stir when she shared a series of pictures from her recent trip in Mexico on social media. During Casablanca’s FW21 Collection, Dua walked the runway in a beautiful co-ord outfit. In addition to her jacket with a cinched waist and miniskirt, she completed the outfit with quilted leggings and mule shoes.

On her most recent visit to Casa Organica, a stunning bio-architectural design home in Madrid, the actress accessorised her statement ensemble with a pair of orange sunglasses and a chic shoulder bag.

Dua Lipa England vs Denmark

As a result of having tuned in to witness England play Denmark in the Euros 2020 semifinal, she will always be associated with the day she wore the outfit. The incredible 25-year-old models a stunning red and white costume inspired by England in a series of photos that she published on Instagram.

Wearing a stunning white collar and knee-high boots, the singer accessorised her outfit with a stylish red polo dress with cropped sleeves and a unique cream and black crescent moon design.

Dua Lipa definitely knows what she’s doing — she was a professional model before a famous popstar — and she will likely continue to amaze people with her style and fashion sense.

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