Ethan Klein simulates threesome with Keemstar in new video


Ethan Klein of H3 violates YouTube’s term of service by simulating a threesome with another content creator, Keemstar, but does not receive strike.

Some people are praising Ethan Klein’s return to form in his latest YouTube video, however, 35-year-old content creator in the past has criticised other channels for their edgy content saying there’s no place on the platform for harassment. Should jokes that simulate coital violence be allowed?

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Klein has returned to making his old videos after the co-host of the Frenemies podcast resigned because she felt cheated, manipulated, and lied to. Trisha Petyas and Ethan Klein’s professional and personal relationship ended abruptly during an extremely awkward podcast.

Trisha Peytas, former Frenemies co-host, asked Ethan to stop the podcast half way through filming because she felt uncomfortable. She later spoke out about Ethan and said that he pushed her on topics that she did not want to discuss such as her past as a street worker.

Since Ethan’s Frenemies cashcow has carked it, he is now back to making video content like he used to. But, according to Ethan Klein himself, this type of content has no place on YouTube post-2020.

In his last video titled “Minecraft Is Ruining Society (ft. Dream)” there’s a skit where Ethan Klein simulates intercourse with multiple Minecraft Creepers. He later pulls out a puppet that is supposed to represent a fellow YouTuber, Keemstar, and continues to simulate coitus with it.

“Keemstar, come on, get in on this,” Ethan says before wedging the puppet between two Creepers. He then thrusts it up against his crotch continuously while letting out “oohs” and “ahhs”. Before the bit is over Ethan grabs the puppets arms and placed it on his chest and says, “Keemstar, keep your hands to yourself, we’re not crossing streams here. This guy is always crossing the lines.”

The bit was supposed to be an insult to the Minecraft community at large. It was supposed to demonstrate just how weird they are, and many believed it to be a return of the “classic Ethan Klein.” But still, what he did clearly violated YouTube’s terms and conditions on harassment and graphic content.

Ethan Klein double chin selfie

Several videos criticising the multi-millionaire podcast host and YouTuber have been permanently removed for harassment. One of the most popular videos was a video titled “The Death of H3H3” by YouTuber Gokunaru. It was a feature length documentary-style video highlighting many of Klein’s hypocrisies.

The video was deleted for “simulating violence against another creator” because it showed a scene of Gokanaru, portraying Shoenince, capping another Ethan Klein with a toy gun. The scene was a joke about how often Ethan Klein would make comments mocking ShoeNice, calling him a psycho and saying that he believes that he would break into their studio and kill them some day. Despite being an obvious skit bothH3H3 and YouTube considered it blatant harassment. A censored version of the video was later re-uploaded but was also deleted by YouTube for the same reason.

Ethan Klein later pointed out that he had nothing against the criticism in the video but said that it was rightfully removed because it simulated violence. Isn’t that exactly what Ethan Klein did when he pretended to molest a puppet that resembled, and was even called, Keemstar?

H3 Podcast’s video, which was uploaded earlier today, still remains up and has close to a half a million views and 45,000 likes.

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