Evan Rachel Wood under FBI investigation for fabrication and fraud


Marilyn Manson accuser, Evan Rachel Wood, is reportedly being investigated by FBI for submitting a fabricated and fraudulent letter she claimed was from the bureau.

Former child actress, Evan Rachel Wood, allegedly fabricated a letter she claimed to be from the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] and submitting in evidence in a Family Court. This legal ordeal could harm her credibility moving into the Manson trial.

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Amber Heard has severely harmed the #MeToo movement with her false allegations of sexual assault on Hollywood superstar actor Johnny Depp. Evan Rachel Wood, a former actress who earlier accused Johnny Depp’s friend Marilyn Manson of abuse, has distanced herself from the Aquaman actress after Johnny Depp’s defamation trial resulted in a majority verdict in his favour.

After a photo of Amber Heard and Evan Rachael Wood sitting together at an event fuelled speculation about whether the two were in cahoots, Ms Wood shot back, claiming that she does not associate with abusers and even comparing Amber Heard to Harvey Weinstein.

Evan Rachel Wood tells her #MeToo story to Congress.
Evan Rachel Wood tells her #MeToo story to Congress.

Despite her efforts to disassociate herself from compulsive liars, Evan Rachael Wood has become embroiled in a scandal that has resulted in an ongoing FBI investigation.

A Twitter account that solely and extensively covers allegations made against Manson recently shared a snippet of a legal document that revealed Evan Rachael Wood had fabricated a letter and used it as evidence in a Family Court proceeding. Ms Wood lied to the court and said that the fabricated document was a real FBI letter.

Rachel Wood Amber Heard Instagram
Evan Rachel Wood distance herself from Amber Heard.

“Evan Rachel Wood is under federal FBI investigation, to include the U.S. Attorney’s office, for creating and submitting a fake FBI letter in family court,” The Manson Cases tweeted.

The aforementioned letter from the FBI, which has now been shown to be false and fraudulent, sparked the media witch hunt for the 53-year-old shock rocker, validating Manson’s claims regarding his lawsuit against the West World actress.

It’s unfortunate for Ms. Wood, because this makes her out to be just as unreliable as Amber Heard, who she publicly disavowed on Instagram just a few days earlier.

The lawsuit contends that Wood’s charges were falsified and that she and Illma Gore used false pretences, including a counterfeit FBI letter, to entice additional women to come forward with sexual abuse allegations and instructed them on what to say about Manson, whose official name is Brian Warner.

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