EXCLUSIVE: Missed, irrefutable evidence that Amber Heard guilty of perjury


Photo evidence proves that Amber Heard committed perjury by lying about being locked in her bedroom all night in fear for her life.

EXCLUSIVE: New evidence missed by Depp’s legal team is irrefutable proof that Amber Heard committed perjury. She was not locked and barricaded in her bedroom all night and in fear for her life, after having allegedly been physically and sexually assaulted by Johnny Depp. The following gives proof of the extent of Ms Heard’s perjury in regard to the incident of 8th March 2015 in Australia and irrefutable proof of her whereabouts and actions during that night.

Early this morning one of our correspondences in London uncovered major indescepencies with the testimony and evidence provided by Amber Heard during the The Sun “wife beater” libel trial. This newly discovered evidence conclusively proves that Amber Heard committed perjury and lied about the March 8th 2016 incident that allegedly took place in Australia.

“The core of Amber Heard’s testimony was that after having been physically and sexually assaulted by Johnny Depp, she escaped to her bedroom in which she then locked and barricaded herself, and where she remained all night, in fear of Mr Depp and in fear for her life. This testimony was the glue that held together all of Ms Heard’s testimony of the events of that violent night,” Andy from London told Sausage Roll.

He continued, “In support of her testimony, Ms Heard introduced into evidence three photos that she herself had allegedly taken all at the same time, showing graffiti drawn on two bathroom mirrors. However Ms Heard did not examine the photos for what else could be seen in the mirrors’ reflection, or what graffiti had been draw-over in red lipstick between taking the photos.”

“And it is those very items that irrefutably prove that Ms Heard extensively and excessively lied under oath in respect of her core testimony that she had remained all night locked and barricaded in her bedroom and in fear for her life, after having been physically and sexually assaulted by Mr Depp.”

Amber Heard guilty of perjury.

Amber Heard submitted three photos of graffitied mirrors into evidence, which she used extensively in Court to persuade the Judge that she was physically and sexually assaulted by Johnny Depp in the early hours of 8th March 2015 in Australia and again at around noon that same day; and that in the intervening time she had locked and barricaded herself in her bedroom all night, in fear of Mr Depp  and in fear for her life. However, a new report conclusively proves that Amber Heard lied to the Court and fabricated the evidence and is guilty of perjury.

Evidence submitted by Amber Heard

“She [Amber Heard] did not think to examine the photos for what else could be seen in the mirrors’ reflection, or what graffiti had been drawn-over between taking the photos. And it is such items that prove that she was not locked and barricaded in her room during the night, and also that  it was she who wrote the lipstick graffiti on the mirror during the early morning when she claims to  have been asleep in her barricaded room,” Andy explained.

Andy described the fabricated evidence that she submitted to the UK High Court to be “the glue that binds all of Ms Heard’s testimony” and that in disproving this it will “blow apart the verdict and force authorities to pursue Ms Heard for perjury”.

None of this hard evidence was ever noticed by Mr Depp’s legal teams, nor was it ever brought up during the UK trial or at any other occasion; even though Andy from London had provided this information to his lawyers both before and after the request-to-appeal Hearing. 

Amber Heard parties on the seas during lockdown

The alleged events of that night were by far the most violent of Ms Heard’s 14 alleged incidents, and it was also an incident in which Ms Heard accused Mr Depp of having sexually assaulted her. 

“Of all the 14 incidents, the photos of the graffitied mirrors are the only photographic evidence  created at a time when Ms Heard and Mr Depp were alone together in the same property. Hence Ms Heard’s testimony in citing those photos in support of her allegations of assault was crucial in persuading the Judge to believe her version of events and thereby to find against Mr Depp,” our correspondent added.

“Together they give irrefutable proof of Ms Heard’s various bathroom activates during the very period in which she testified to having been asleep and barricaded in her room, in fear of Mr Depp and in  fear for her life. They further prove that Ms Heard did not take the photos all at once and that they were in fact taken over a period of time during the early morning, while Mr Depp slept.”

The three photos submitted by Ms Heard as evidence are 100% fabricated as proven by our correspondent after close examination.

Proof that Amber Heard left her room.

Johnny Depp's mirror message was a response to Heard

The image on the left shows a pair of string-bikini bottoms hungover a towel-rail and spread-out to dry.  The same photo also shows a bathmat directly outside the open door of the first of the two shower cubicles. The bathmat shows irregular darker streaks on its surface that are likely to be streaks of wetness caused by the wiping of feet.

The image on the right was a photo taken earlier by Ms Heard. In  this photo there are two towels hanging on the same towel-rail where the bikini bottoms were later hung-out to dry, and there is no bathmat in front of the shower cubicle. There is also a a s seen between the two towel-rails which no longer appears in the second photo. 

These photos all prove that at some point during the early morning, Ms Heard changed into her bikini, then took a dip in the hot-tub or indoor pool.  She then returned to the bathroom where she placed a bathmat in front of the shower cubicle, and  then took a shower. After her shower, Ms Heard used the two towels to dry herself, and then rinsed out her bikini bottoms, and then spread and hung them to dry on the same towel-rail where the two towels had previously hung. 

Ms Heard would almost certainly have taken more photos of the second mirror at the same time as  she took the 3rd photo, yet she gave no photos into evidence of that mirror showing the two towels in its reflection.

Proof that Amber Heard wrote in lipstick.

In his Judgement, Judge Nicol asserts that the black paint ‘appears to have been added after the graffiti in red’. Yet, the message ‘CALL CARLY SIMOM SHE SAID IT BETTER, BABE ’ would make no sense sitting on its own in the bottom corner of an otherwise blank mirror. 

The message can only be a riposte to something already written or drawn on the mirror, else we would be left wondering as to exactly what was ‘said’ that Carly said ‘it’ better than. Hence the message in red lipstick could only have been written by Ms Heard in response to the  message written in black, and thereby must have been written after that message.

Amber Heard lipstick

It is also very likely that a small amount of the black graffiti was also written by Ms Heard. 

Contrary to what is widely reported on Twitter, the black graffiti does not read, “She loves naked photos of herself,” but actually reads “She loves naked photos An artist of herself”. At some point Ms Heard likely added an ’S to the word SHE and then boxed the words AN ARTIST  and then drew an arrow from the word SHE’S to the box to emphasises “she’s an artist.”

It does not make sense that Mr Depp would alter his jibe at Ms Heard’s vanity, to a comment that  claims her to be ‘An artist’. 

Any lingering doubt that the red lipstick graffiti was written over the black paint graffiti is dispelled  by the below analysis which also gives further proof that Ms Heard wrote all of the red lipstick graffiti. 

Amber Heard wrote in lipstick on the mirror

The writing in black (for which Mr Depp accepted responsibility) appears to have been added after the graffiti in red which mentions Carly Simon. 

Contrary to Judge Nicol’s assertion, it is very clear from the image that each stroke of lipstick, shown in the above image with yellow arrows, first partly covers the black writing below, then smudges the black paint in an  arched shape in the same direction as the stroke. In some cases the black writing is smudged well beyond its original location. 

Furthermore, the letter L in the word CARLY completely covers the black writing below, as does the  the lipstick drawn-over the word SIMOM when compared with the previous photo. The fact that the black writing was smudged, gives evidence that it had not fully dried prior to Ms  Heard writing her message in red lipstick, and provides further proof that she was not barricaded in  her bedroom through the night.

Further proof that Ms Heard wrote all the lipstick graffiti is given in the bottom right of the mirror reflection in the second photo, where a small tray can be seen on the counter.

The tray contains white tissue paper partly covered in the same shade of red as that of the lipstick  graffiti. Most notably there is no black paint on the tissue, further proving that Mr Depp could not  have written the graffiti in red lipstick, as his hands at that time would have been covered in black  ink. 

It therefore can only have been Ms heard that used these tissues to wipe lipstick from her hands after having written her graffiti.

Furthermore, there was simply no opportunity by her own testimony (including the confidential  hearing) for Ms Heard to have taken any photos after having gone back downstairs at midday. 

Mr Depp was escorted from the premises by Mr Connolly at around 12:30pm, and Ms Heard testified that she lost her phone minutes before then. She also testified that in the intervening 25 minutes or  so after going back downstairs, she remained there with Mr Depp where she was again physically  and sexually assaulted by him.

Looking at the defendant’s Closing Submission it shows that the time of each text sent by Mr Depp in  Australia, required to be converted from LA to local Queensland time (16 hours ahead). 

This infers that Mr Depp kept his mobile on LA time. If so, then this will likely have been true of Ms  Heard also. 

In the same Closing Submission, the defendants have catalogued Photo F894.053 (Photo #1 above)  as having been taken on 7th (not 8th) March 2015 according to its metadata. The defendant does not  specify the time given in the metadata nor the device on which the photo was taken. 

The date of 7th March infers that Ms Heard’s phone was also set to LA time (as the graffiti was  definitely written on the 8th). And if so, then the photograph could have been taken at any time  between 00:00 and 12:25 (when Ms Herd lost her phone) on 8th March local time in Queensland. 

Nevertheless, the time at which the metadata shows the photo to have been taken, will further prove  that Ms Heard was awake and active during the night and not locked and barricaded in her bedroom  and in fear for her life. 

And the metadata will similarly prove that the photos were taken using the same phone that she  testifies to have lost at around 12:25pm, and hence were taken before she came back downstairs. 

Mr King also took several photographs of the damage, two of which were included into evidence. Any  photos that he may have taken of the bathroom will likely further disprove Ms Heard’s testimony.

She wasn’t in fear of her life.

Ms Heard gives testimony in Court on Day 11, in regard to where the photos were taken, that … “Yes.  These were in the bathroom of the room that I was in.” 

This is the same room in which Ms Heard testifies to have locked and barricaded herself in fear for  her life; and in which she remained for around 12 hours until returning downstairs at around noon. 

If however this bathroom was in the room in which Ms Heard was locked and barricaded for 12  hours, then how did Mr Depp gain access to draw the graffiti unless there was access through  another door outside of Ms Heard’s bedroom. And if so, then how did Ms Heard manage to refrain  from needing to visit the toilet over that same 12 hours, if she had also barricaded the door adjoining  the bathroom. 

This gives further evidence that Ms Heard did have access to the bathroom and would have discovered the graffiti in the early hours of the morning and then added the graffiti in red lipstick  before photographing her handiwork and then going for a dip in the hot-tub or indoor pool. 

The question must also be raised as to how, according to her testimony, Ms Heard did not  immediately discover the graffiti in the bathroom when she first awoke, but instead only discovered it once she already gone back downstairs.

Conclusion: Amber Heard committed perjury.

A logical conclusion was that was that Amber Heard fabricated evidence and committed perjury under oath in the UK High Court. The 17-page analysis of Heard’s so-called evidence conclusively proves that Amber Heard deliberately lied about when the photos were taken as well as giving reasonable doubt to the verdict defining claim that she feared for her life.

This wouldn’t be Amber Heard’s first time fabricating evidence or lying to authorities. Amber Heard one faced perjury charges illegally smuggled her two Yorkshire terriers into Australia by lying about on her documents. When she was exposed she blamed it on her assistance negligence and called in an honest mistake.

Heard was also accused of stealing an abuse story from Kate James, her former personal assistant.

A court affidavit signed by Kate James reads: “On June 25, 2020, I received documents pertaining on behalf of the Claimants in this case [Johnny Depp v Amber Heard]. As I perused the documents, much to my utter shock and dismay, I discovered that Ms Heard had in fact stolen my sexual violence conversation with her and twisted it into her own story to benefit herself. This of course caused me extreme distress and outrage that she would dare to attempt to use the most harrowing of my life as her own narrative.”

The full analysis also goes into detail about witness testimonies that contradict Heard’s, as well as a full timeline of events and an explanation of how her lies influenced Judge Nicol’s decision on the verdict.

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