EXPOSED: Neil Young heavily linked to big pharma and Pfizer

Neil is not so young, not so wise, and not so truthful.

Neil Young exposed for being paid by former Pfizer CEO and big pharma after protesting Joe Rogan by pulling his music off Spotify.

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It seems former hippie-rocker Neil Young was not being genuine with his protest against Spotify and Joe Rogan; the musician has been exposed for being linked to the big pharma conglomerate Pfizer after slamming Rogan for criticising the vaccine.


Neil Young has recently pulled his music from Spotify after the music streaming company refused to bow to his demand and remove Joe Rogan for “medical misinformation.”

Why would a lifelong junkie care so badly about someone discussing alternative medication during a podcast on Spotify that he’s willing to jeopardise his own career? Perhaps that could have do something with his financial connection to Pfizer, the biggest of the big pharma companies producing the vaccine for the virus.

Neil Young connected to big pharma and Pfizer!
Exposed: Neil Young connected to big pharma and Pfizer!

Joe Rogan has discussed many organic and healthy options for people don’t want to get sick or are vaccine-hesitant. One of those options was the consumption of Omega 3 fish oils and vitamin D. Despite being proven to be affective way to fight against the flu, as it is a very popular medicine taking in the cold north, CNN and other liberal media outlets slammed Rogan for his “dangerous ideas.”

Rogan also spoke about his own personal battle with COVID-19 and revealed that he simply consumed a lot of water, rested a lot and took Ivermectin and made a full recover in under two weeks.

His decision to not get vaccinated and instead try alternative medicine was met with such disdain from American democrats, big pharma sponsored doctors and the corporate media.

Neil Young admits to having loved doing lots of illegal drugs.
Exposed: Neil Young admits to having loved doing lots of illegal drugs.

People started to petition for Joe Rogan’s removal of Spotify, some even claiming that the former MMA fighter and comedian should be locked up for dangerous propaganda.

Soon after has-been musicians joined the crusade against the out-spoken podcaster, one of them being a former free-speech activist and hippie-rocker called Neil Young.

Despite claiming that he was not trying to censor him, Neil Young demanded Spotify to remove Joe Rogan off their platform for “dangerous medical misinformation.” According to the 76-year-old former rehab regular, all drugs and vitamins are bad unless they are approved by big pharma.

Internet sleuths were absolutely shocked by this former freedom-loving hippies stance on freedom of speech and alternative medicine that they did some digging and they found that Neil Young is financially tied to Pfizer. The big pharma giant owns him and his music!

On January 6, 2021, Neil Young sold half of his catalogue to Merck Mercuriadis’ Hipgnosis Song Management company. Later that year Hipgnosis merged with Blackstone in a USD$1Bn deal. However, just a month before the merger Blackstone announced that they appointed Pfizer’s former Chairman and CEO Jeffrey B Kindler as the company’s Senior Advisor.

Joe Rogan, healthy and happy, slammed for giving health advice.
Joe Rogan, healthy and happy, slammed for giving health advice.

According to Zippia, Senior Advisors are┬áresponsible for tracking, analyzing, and providing advice on the company’s policy and operational issues. Their duties cut across administration, analysis, and guidance on strategy and policy issues, analysis and monitoring of operational plans, and internal coordination.

It is likely that Jeffrey B Kindler “advised” their musicians to take a stand against Spotify for hosting a podcast that has been critical of COVID-19 vaccines, especially since Rogan reaches 11 million people per episode. That could significantly impact big pharma’s pockets.

Although Jeffrey B Kindler no longer serves in Pfizer’s boardroom, it is likely that he still owns a bunch of Pfizer (NYSE:PSE) stock as it has not been reported that the former CEO has sold any of his holdings. Regardless, he’s still also very connected to big pharma considering he is still the CEO of Centrexion Therapeutics.

Centrexion Therapeutics is a privately owned drug company valued at around USD$70bn.

Although Barry Manilow has shut down rumours about him joining with Neil Young in his protest against Joe Rogan and Spotify, Canadian folksinger Joni Mitchel, 78, will be removing her music from Spotify in solidarity with Young.

“Irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives.┬áI stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities on this issue,” Joni Mitchell said in a statement.

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