Family friend says Baby-Sitters Club trans child was groomed by parents

Kai Shappley, who plays Bailey Delvecchio on Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club, was groomed into transgenderism by parents, says family friend.

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The highly politicised reboot of the classic series based on Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club featured a child so-called transgender activist. However, a former friend of the family believes that the child was groomed into believing they’re transgender by the parents for fame, popularity and ultimately to push a political ideology.


Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club is making some moderate and conservatives a bit uncomfortable by forcing rather adult themes on high-school aged kids. The show has caused some controversy with its far-left political takes — some even too far left for the average Aussie.

The new series starring former teen starlet Alicia Silverstone has 13-year-old girls participating in some adult activities like painting nude art while discussing some heavy political themes. But one thing that the showrunners are receiving the most criticism for is their inclusion of preteen child actor whose parents have allegedly groomed into being transgender.

Shappley, who plays a transgender child in The Baby-Sitters Club, identifies as a girl both in real life and on the show. The child was only 9-years-old when they guest starred in the Netflix series that is supposedly supposed to be for kids. While the child identifies as a girl, a former friend of the family says that they were groomed.

Kai Shappley Joe Biden
Kai Shapply endorsed Joe Biden for president at age 8 via Instagram.

“I’ve known the family for many years and they’ve always been very political, especially the mother. She has dragged her child along to many protests.”

“Kim [the mother] clearly forced the poor child into this. The way she speaks to her own child feels a lot like grooming. It’s definitely a strange relationship.”

While most kids Kai’s age are talking about their friends at school and aren’t allowed on social media, despite only being 10-years-old, Kai Shappley has several social media accounts where they post highly political messages and even campaign for far-left politicians. According to Shappley’s family friend, Kimberly Shappley controls all of Kai’s social media.

“Kim is exploiting her child for fame and politics. She created a social media account for Kai and is using it to push her agenda. Do you really thing a 10-year-old child cares about voting and knows what bills and legislations are? Take a look at her phone, she’s the one signed in.”

According to Twitter’s and Facebook’s Terms of Service, users must be at least. 13-years-old to have an account regardless of whether the account is “parent monitored.” This means that at the time of registering these accounts Kai was 4 years too young.

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