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Fedmyster speaks out about Pokimane ruining his life

Fedmyster speaks out about Pokimane ruining his life

Fedmyster breaks silence after being falsely accused of sexual assault by Twitch star Pokimane and her Twitch friends.

Following false sexual assault claims, former OfflineTV star Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan took a year off from the internet and returned to Twitch, revealing how online hatred had become overpowering and speaks about how Pokimane ruined his life.

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Before he was wrongly accused of sexual assault, Fedmyster was a prominent member of the OfflineTV Twitch stream group. Until he alleged that Pokimane exploited him, lied to him, and used him for her personal gain, he was Pokimane’s right-hand man and, according to leaked messages, her romantic interest.

However, immediately after revealing his failed friendship with Twitch’s sweetheart, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, to the public, OfflineTV planned a smear campaign to ruin Fedmyster’s career and life, and they were successful.

Pokimane and her cohorts all released statements saying that they felt unsafe around Fedmyster and alleged that he had crossed boundaries with several of the girls in the OfflineTV house.

Fed says his sleepovers with Pokimane were romantic
Pokimane and Fedmyster flirting on stream.

Pokimane wrongfully used the term “sexually assault” when explaining how Fedmyster would make inappropriate jokes around his female housemates, a term that would end up ruining his life and ending his career.

While Fedmyster admitted to overreacting and being disrespectful after Pokimane’s response, he vehemently denied the allegations kind of sexual assault.

With the exception of a solitary return stream one year after his fall from glory and a hacking incident that occurred only a few months ago, Fedmyster has remained offline since allegations appeared. Now breaking his silence once more, he came to the public eye on July 5 to explain how negativity on social media compelled him to leave and how Pokimane and her false allegations ruined his life.

“I just wanted to live life as a normal human for a bit,” Fedmyster said on his comeback stream.

Pokimane and OfflineTV fans had spammed his streams and his inbox with very hateful messages up until he disappeared offline over a year ago. Even after taking a year-long hiatus, Pokimane fans returned to continue their targeted harassment of Fedmyster.

“It got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore,” he continued. “Am I supposed to just stream and not read chat?”

Fedmyster insisted that he will “never, ever talk about [it] again” when questioned about the clear subject of his prior allegations.

“That sh*t is done with, I’m over it, I’m sure everyone else is over it. No one cares. I haven’t made up with anyone. But I wish them the best because we all were family at one point. Although we don’t talk anymore, I don’t forget that.”

The streamer admitted that the allegations had affected his life in such a negative way that he doesn’t see a future on Twitch or in the limelight, adding that is likely that he will never go live again.

Fedmyster comeback
Fedmyster speaks out, says his final goodbye on his return stream.

Fedmyster speaks out about his future, sayingF: “I’m trying to be the best human being I can, that’s all I can say.”

The leaked private messages between Fedmyster and Pokimane to reveal that the two of them were more than just friends. They’d have sleepovers, and snuggle together. In one strange message Pokimane teased Fed by revealing that she was pleasuring herself. Fedmyster admitted that hearing her moan turned him on.

As for the sexual assault allegations, the worst that Fedmyster has been accused of doing is overstaying his welcome, making inappropriate comments, and hugging too much.