Film critic says women who dislike He-Man reboot are “toxic”


Kevin Smith’s He-Man reboot has been met with mixed reactions. However, according to film critic Zach Pope if you have anything negative to say, you’re just sexist.

The Netflix reboot of He-Man is drawing mixed reviews; while some are praising it for “subverting expectations” others feel the new series is disrespectful of the source material and is trying to push “woke politics” on its viewers. But if you don’t like the new series, you’re a sexist misogynist. Women critics don’t agree.

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Kevin Smith’s He-Man: Masters of The Universe Revelations reboot is a fresh new take on the classic animated children’s show. The show’s creator, who admittedly is a huge comic book fan himself, originally stated that he wants the show to be more diverse and less male-centric. The Jay and Silent Bob director even opted to cut “He-Man” out off the show’s title just making it “Masters of The Universe Revelations” because he wanted the focus to be mostly on the female sidekick character Teela.

Kevin Smith also revealed that he believed that the title character, and his name, was an example of “toxic hyper-masculinity” and something that he wanted to rectify in his version of the show.

Old He-Man and Teela

Speaking on the animated show’s diversity, Smith had the following to say, “You got Teela, you got your Man-at-Arms, you got your Orko, you got your Cringer, your Sorceress. So they were always fairly widely cast in terms of gender. One of your top villains was Evil-Lyn. He-Man is the Sorceress’ champion technically—he serves the Sorceress and the power of Grayskull. Teela was there to protect him as Adam and of course, doesn’t know that he’s He-Man and whatnot. So we didn’t feel going in like, ‘Oh, man. Now we got to explain what these cats did in the ‘80s.’ They actually did a pretty good job of explaining it themselves or making it at least boy and girl friendly.”

Some female critics have called out the design of the re-imagined Teela character for being stripped entirely of femininity. The new Teela is more masculine then Prince Adam/He-Man. To prove this point one artist photoshopped an image of Teela and removed the character’s make up and shortened the hair.

But according to an Arizona-based film critic called Zach Pope, anyone who criticises the show is toxic, even women.

“I’m sorry the TOXIC Discourse on Masters of the Universe Revelation is a joke.” Pope tweeted, apologising to his female followers. “Once again if you have an issue with women being a badass, then just remember you’re the problem. WOMEN ARE BAD-ASS!”

Sadly for the liberal-minded film critic, even his female followers didn’t agree with his take, and also thought the Kevin Smith’s reboot was terrible.

“So are you calling all the women, like me, who have a problem with the new MOTU show toxic? Isn’t that sexist by your own standards,” Anna, an artist and popular YouTuber known as ThatStarWarsGirl77, responded.

Although the show is receiving glowing reviews from the mainstream media for being a “big take-having, big swing-taking” sequel that “flips the script on the mythos” and challenges toxic and hyper-masculinity, it’s not doing so hot ratings wise according to our Netflix insider.

Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media is alleging that all negative reviews for the He-Man reboot (Masters of the Universe Revelations) are fabricated by “misogynist butt-hurt trolls” and the show is being review bombed. This has resulted in the deletion of thousands of user reviews .

With that being said, Masters of the Universe Revelations will most likely be renewed for many consecutive seasons regardless of its success, much like Netflix’s She-Ra, because it is “subverting expectations.”

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