Gen Z call for Hitler return because of Israel-Palestine conflict


Gen Z kids across TikTok and Twitter are calling for the “return of Hitler” as a response to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Kids these days claim to know more about politics then their parents thanks to social media and podcasts. The overwhelming majority of Gen Z kids are siding with Palestine and Islam and are now praising Adolf Hitler.

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The Israel-Palestine conflict is very complex. The two sides have a feud that goes back as far as Biblical times. Even experts in the political science field scratch their heads when it comes to this age old feud. Despite many attempts and many efforts, a real peace treaty had not been reached. The closest anyone has come to making a peace deal in the middle east was former US president Donald Trump when he penned a deal between Israel and Bahrain.

Despite being welcomed by Israelis, the Trump peace plan was ultimately rejected by Palestinian leadership due to ideological conflicts. However, it wouldn’t be until after the Trump presidency that Hamas, a Palestinian Sunni-Islamic extremist group, would dare to strike Israel by launching over 100 missiles into heavy populated Israeli cities including their economic capital Tel Aviv-Yafo which has a population of around 600,000.

Tel Avis-Yafo is one of the most diverse and thriving cities in all of the middle east with a high gay and lesbian population. Even to western standards, Tel Aviv is considered to be one of the most progressive cities in the world.

LGBTQ gay and lesbian pride march in Tel Aviv, Israe

The Israeli government demanded a ceasefire but Hamas rejected the order resulting in their headquarters being bombed with forewarning.

The video footage of Israel’s counteractions to the Hamas strike has upset a lot of people on social media and now their are a lot of Gen Z TikTok and Twitter influencer who allege they are experts in geopolitics, and they think they have some hot takes on the conflict.

Gen Z Hitler

“2021 needs Hitler,” a popular non-binary Overwatch streamer tweeted. “Too bad he didn’t finish the job.”

A lot of their supporters agreed with their sentiment and the tweet got several thousand likes, one responding, “Can we please bring back Auschwitz and throw conservatives in with the Jews?”

Millions of people are posting anti-sematic videos and spreading false information about Israel and Jewish people on TikTok and children, en masse, are eating it up.

Punch Nazis shirt

Videos of people erasing Israel from the map, saying that the country doesn’t exist, calling Jewish people demons and even trying to summon Hitler are littered all throughout the #FreePalestine TikTok hashtag. The majority of these people all seem to be Gen Z kids and allies of the LGBTQ community and still support Palestine over Israel despite their strict laws.

Ironically the same group of people who rallied behind the #PunchANazi hashtag when it trended during the Trump presidency. The very group who claim to be humanist activists are now encouraging hate crimes against a race of people who were executed by the hundreds of thousands for their ideology less than 100 years ago.

Homosexuality is still considered a sin and a crime in Palestine which is dealt with by the death penalty. Palestinian authorities have noticed and out poor of support from the LGBTQ community yet have condemned and even banned these groups for gathering in protest for Hamas and Palestine at West Bank and threatened to arrest them, saying such activities are contrary to the “[LGBTQ] values of Palestinian society.”

In a statement Saturday, police spokesman Louay Arzeikat said events such as those organised by the pro LGBTQ Palestine group al-Qaws “go against and infringe upon the higher principles and values of Palestinian society.”

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