Girl covered in Pokemon tattoos has no clue why she can’t be a cop


Kathy-Rose Bullen was rejected from the Victorian police force for her Pokemon tattoos. She doesn’t understand why and really doesn’t care.

A Melbourne woman was disappointed when was denied the chance to join the police force. The reason, she claims, is a “disheartening” and unfounded, yet she has no intention of appealing the rejection.

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Kathy-Rose Bullen’s body is almost entirely covered in Pokemon tattoos with the exception of her neck and parts of her back; a decision that she made when she was a “bit younger”. At the time she did not realise that being covered in tattoos would limit her career options. So, she started looking into a career in law enforcement.

Girl with the Pokemon tattoos.

Girl with the Pokemon tattoos.

The 31-year-old is currently working in data imaging but was seeking a career change. She wanted a job where she could help change lives while being “physically active.”

She began considering a job in law enforcement after seeing recruitment ads and talking to family and friends who are currently in the police force. “It could have been my dream job,” she told

“I’ve got family in the police force and they said they love it and couldn’t recommend it enough, as the job is fantastic and they believed I would be really good at it if I wanted to pursue it,” she she said.

“It’s only in the past couple of weeks I began physically training and trying to push myself a bit harder to do it.”

Girl covered in Pokemon tattoos rejected by police

Girl covered in Pokemon tattoos: Beautiful Kathy-Rose Bullen

She had not yet applied to join the police force but had checked requirements online, and discovered that while some tattoos were allowed, hand, neck and face tattoos certainly weren’t.

The Victorian Police website clearly states that any arm and leg tattoos must be fully covered by clothing and offensive tattoos would be immediately rejected. Regardless of the rules, Kathy-Rose still applied and was obviously rejected.

Girl with Pokemon tattoos is hurt by rejection

Although she is reportedly respectful of the police departments decision to reject her application she is still somewhat confused by it and feels “saddened” and “disappointed”.

Girl covered in Pokemon tattoos: Beautiful Kathy-Rose Bullen

Girl covered in Pokemon tattoos rejected by police

“I can’t believe that in the current year tattoos and body mods are still an issue,” she explained. “It’s hurtful. Other police officers clearly have tattoos, they are just covered up.”

Kathy-Rose likened tattoos to free speech in her comments. “Tattoos are all about creativity and self-expression–it’s a way of expressing yourself and it’s not hurting anyone.” She claimed that she was “not ashamed” of her many Pokemon tattoos as these characters are “cherished” in her adulthood.

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