Girl discovers her biological dad was her biggest OnlyFans customer


A 21-year-old girl was shocked to discover that her biological dad had spent hundreds on making her perform X-rated acts for him on OnlyFans.

Karla Ramirez, 21, was traumatised when she found out that her biological dad was one of her most perverted customers; she claims that he paid her hundreds to perform X-rated activities for him on OnlyFans.


“My dad — yes, my DAD — has been buying my OnlyFans through not one but two accounts, and was a personal client of mine on both accounts for over a year, and the only way I found out is because he called me to ‘play with myself’ for $150 and I could hear my mum in the back ground talking on the phone,” Karla Ramirez (KarlaRamirezz1) revealed in a shocking TikTok video.

Ramirez was requested to videocall a man and pleasure herself for the sum of USD$150, although the man had his camera disabled she could still hear him moan into the microphone. It was after a few minutes that she realised just who the man on the other end of the call was; her biological dad.

Girl accuses dad of buying OnlyFans
Original KarlaRamirezz1 TikTok video about OnlyFans now deleted.

David Ramirez, Karla’s father, had forgotten to mute himself and she heard her mother in the background of the videocall talking on the phone.

She immediately disconnected the call and was traumatised by what she had just experienced, and sadly this was not the first time she had performed X-rated acts for her biological dad on OnlyFans.

In a series of “Storytime” TikTok videos Karla explained that she had moved out off her parent’s place when she was 16-years-old and hadn’t talked to her father since.

Karla Ramirez exposes her biological dad, David, on her KarlaRamirezz1 TikTok account.
Karla Ramirez exposes her biological dad, David, on her KarlaRamirezz1 TikTok account.

“I should have just known. Look, he done [sic] already look like a predator,” Karla said in a video revealing a picture of her biological dad wearing a red baseball cap and a Marvel tee. “I should have just known from the get-go that something was off.”

Karla Ramirez allegedly called the cops after confronting her father about what she believes he did on OnlyFans.

“I’d go inside and I started beating him,” she confessed. “I’m your daughter you sick [exploitive deleted] and my my mum was yelling at me to stop.”

David Ramirez tried to prove his innocence by handing Karla his phone and claimed that that there’s no way he could afford to do this because he has no money.

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Karla Ramirez claims that she had not yet revealed why she was upset at her dad and considers his reaction as an admission of guilt.

“He just knew why I was there […] It was just so obvious […] He already knew why I was there and he was just trying to cover his ass,” he added.

But in another TikTok video Karla Ramirezz shows a Snapchat screenshot that she sent to her biological dad immediately after ending the videocall, proving that her dad knew exactly why she was upset when she confronted him at his home.

“I’m literally so sick to my stomach,” the Snapchat message reads. “Did you think I wouldn’t recognise mom’s voice?”

David Ramirez has allegedly been catfishing his own biological daughter ever since she was in middle-school with fake Facebook and Snapchat accounts.

KarlaRamirezz1 exposed Snapchat wit hfather.
KarlaRamirezz1 exposed Snapchat wit father.

Karla admits to selling lewd photos when she was underage on her private Snapchat account and thinks she accepted money from him to rate his genitalia.

But there is still a shadow of doubt in Karla’s mind: “I honestly feel like that if the call did not happen, I would not know to this day that it was my dad behind those accounts.”

OnlyFans Privacy Policy states that, despite selling your personal data to their affiliates, they take the privacy and security of their users very seriously. Users only have to verify their age and name with the platform but can opt to hide as much of their personal information from other users.

Unfortunately, Karla has deleted the original video where she accuses her biological dad, David Ramirez, of soliciting pictures and videos from her OnlyFans account but she is still currently responding to questions on her KarlaRamirezz1 TikTok account.

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