Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker calls his poor detractors “simpleton peasants”


HasanAbi, Socialist Twitch streamer, has been critical of rich people, accused his detractors of being jealous and calls them “simpleton peasants.”

Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker went live to react to the the “memes” about him buying at Porsche Taycan that costs USD$200k with cash and he called out his detractors for being jealous “simpleton peasants” while saying he had no regrets making the purchase.


Piker has been vocal and quite critical of wealthy people. He has criticised them for their “vanity purchases” and has used his platform to campaign against them demanding that the government increase their taxes.

Piker has been outspoken and harsh in his criticism of the rich. He has criticised individuals for spending money on “vanity goods” that aren’t required and for wasting money that could instead be used to feed the destitute. He has also used his position on a number of times to campaign against affluent individuals, calling for the government to raise their taxes.

Make The Rich Pay - Hasan Piker.
Make The Rich Pay – Hasan Piker.

“I believe that rich people should have to pay USD$3 million for a tiny house,” HasanAbi said during one livestream. His remark gained so much attention that he converted it into a catchphrase, which he emblazoned on the packaging of his high-end items to promote it.

However, like with Neekolul, Hasan’s attitude towards money and his concept of what it means to be “rich” shifted when he began making more than USD$2 million in a year.

Hasan Piker forked out USD$2.3 million to buy a massive 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom beautiful, tree-lined mansion in Beverly Grove, West Hollywood’s busy and centrally situated neighbourhood.

HasanAbi million-dollar house/mansion.
Capitalist: HasanAbi million-dollar house/mansion.

Like he did with his mansion, Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker also paid cash for his USD$200K Porsche Taycan Turbo S luxury sports car.

During his livestream, HasanAbi revealed that he has a terrible credit rating and that he cannot get alone so he has to buy everything with cash. He also disclosed that he had no regrets making these purchases and expressed that he believes that the people criticising him for spending so much money on a car are just jealous because they are poor and are “simpleton peasants.”

Anti-Capitalist Twitch streamer HasanAbi buys USD$200K Porsche car
Anti-capitalist Twitch streamer HasanAbi shows off his new Porsche.

Piker defended his wealth by claiming that he doesn’t “exploit workers” to earn his wealth and that he’s still not a capitalist.

However, a large chunk of Piker’s earnings are donations from low-income earning working class people who, according to Piker himself, “earn less than [his] car is worth every year.”

HasanAbi loves his new USD$200K Porsche Taycan but admitted it is very difficult to enter. He still has his 2001 Toyota Corolla and plans on keeping it.

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