Horizon Forbidden West leak confirms Aloy is ‘more rugged and masculine’


A leak of the early build of Guerrilla Games’ next-gen PlayStation exclusive Horizon Forbidden West reveals a more ‘rugged and masculine’ Aloy.

Images of what appeared to be the PlayStation 4 version of the Sony exclusive sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn began circulating on social media on Monday. Sources claim that the game’s protagonist, Aloy, is “more rugged” and tougher than ever.


The leaked early build of Horizon Forbidden West is confirmed to be real (so watch out for spoilers) and, with the exception of a few missing art assets, it contains all of the key material that was originally planned for the final game.

Screenshots that were shared purporting to show the leaked Horizon Forbidden West footage of the early build on Twitter were eventually taken down hours later following “a report from the copyright owners,” which lends further credibility to their veracity.

Sony Interactive Entertainment actively fight to keep Horizon Forbidden West leak under wraps.

A DMCA warning has been sent to anyone who shares the leaked Horizon Forbidden West gameplay or even images without the permission of the developer. Furthermore, Sony has threatened to blacklist publications for disclosing critical elements of the leak, should they continue to do so.

The overall response to the leaked footage has been positive, with many shocked how good the game looks running on a original PlayStation 4 — however — some people are not happy with the main characters new design.

Aloy: Zero Dawn compared to Forbidden West
Aloy’s new character model looks insanely realistic, even on PlayStation 4.

In Sony’s push for realism Horizon Forbidden West’s main protagonist, Aloy, has been made to look more rugged and less feminine. Her jawline, in comparison to Zero Dawn, is wider and more pronounced, her cheeks are fuller, neck thicker, and her eyes are more sunken.

Aloy’s character model is also now a bit “thiccer” a source claims.

“[Aloy] is thiccer, she has broader shoulders, bit more of a belly and less toned and a bit softer,” the leaker alleged.

Most fans are getting behind Aloy’s new look: “She’s a woman living in a post apocalyptic San Francisco. It’d be weird if she looked like Ms. Universe in a setting like that.”

Another lashed out at the ‘unrealistic expectation’ of ‘toxic white men’ adding: “White guys, of course, are enraged that they made her appear more masculine and less like an egirl. Toxic masculinity strikes again. It’s amusing to observe how vulnerable men’s egos become when confronted with a woman who appears to be stronger than themselves.”

Horizon Forbidden West leak
Horizon Forbidden West leak may lead to major spoilers.

In the Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy not only appears to be stronger, but she also acts more hardened, often putting men to shame with her attitude, according to a leak from 4chan.

While some players may not be fans of the character’s new design, the Guerrilla Games’ team did an incredible job on Aloy, paying close attention to even the most minute aspects; the character does, in fact, appear to be more lifelike than ever before.

Horizon Forbidden West launches February 18 on PlayStation 4/5.
The new game looks incredibly realistic.

“She’s a woman living in a post apocalyptic San Francisco. It’d be weird if she looked like Ms. Universe in a setting like that,” one fan commented.

Sadly for Sony, though, the Horizon Forbidden West leak is not going to make investors happy. This is not the first, or even second, major game leak from the studio. A whole build of The Last of Us Part II leaked early, spoiling the game’s big (shocking) surprise.

Sony fear that the leak of this early build in the game will inevitably lead to major Horizon Forbidden West spoilers spilling online in the coming days. So, if you’re excited for Guerrilla Games’ new title, avoid Horizon Forbidden West news because their might be spoilers.

Guerrilla Games’ highly anticipated open-world title, Horizon Forbidden West, launches world-wide in just 5 short weeks on February 18, 2022.

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