How I Met Your Father spin-off will crossover with HIMYM


How I Met Your Mother spin-off starring Hilary Duff is on it’s way to Disney Plus/Star here in Australia and it will reportedly have crossover episodes.

Walt Disney Company reached out to How I Met Your Mother creators Bays & Thomas to create a “sort of” spin-off show starring Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire). The HIMYM spin-off is called How I Met Your Father and is currently being filmed for a 2022 Disney/Hulu premiere.

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There were ideas for a gender-bending spin-off with Greta Gerwig in the lead, titled How I Met Your Mother: The Prequel, prior to the show ending. For several years, it appeared as though the series would end, but that was later discontinued. But, earlier this year, Hulu announced that it has acquired the upcoming How I Met Your Father spin-off.

Duff will play Sophie, a young woman who seeks love and is supported by her closest friends while courting online. Just like she did for her son, she will also give an account of how she came to meet his father, the identity of whom remains unknown.

Sophie’s Husband, the father, big surprise!

A source alleging to be close to the creators claims that the “the father,” or rather Sophie’s husband will be a “big surprise that fans of the original series will love.” Some fans think it may be Ted’s son Luke Mosby and that his mother’s ‘undisclosed illness’ was hereditary, meaning that he passes away in the season finale.

Other’s are speculating that Sophie is actually Barney Stinson’s daughter! That would be very cool if it is true, but TVLine believes that theory has been debunked.

How I Met Your Father Hillary Duff spin-off crossover
The How I Met Your Father cast is very diverse!

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, creators of How I Met Your Mother, will also serve as executive producers, while Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger (This Is Us) will be the official showrunners.

Duff additionally produces and appears in the How I Met Your Mother pilot. In her more recent television appearances, Duff had roles in the TV Land/Paramount Network series Younger and had been cast in a revival of the Lizzie McGuire series, but that project was scrapped due to creative differences.

Josh Radnor (Ted Mosby) grabs lunch with his on-screen sister before HIMYD films!
Josh Radnor (Ted Mosby) grabs lunch with his on-screen sister before HIMYD films!

Sadly, our source was very vague with information about the upcoming spin-off but confidently states that it will crossover with How I Met Your Mother. However, earlier this year Ted Mosby actor, Josh Radnor, was spotted grabbing lunch with his co-star and on-screen sister Abigail Spencer. Will they guest roles in the show?!

How to Watch How I Met Your Father in Australia?

How I Met Your Father (Hilary Duff as Barney’s daughter?) is a Hulu originally and, sadly, we don’t have that streaming service here in Australia — or at least not by that name. Hulu is owned by The Walt Disney Company and all Hulu exclusive content has been dumped onto Disney Plus and Star in countries that don’t have access to the service.

Like the Hulu original animated series by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan, Solar Opposites that show too is available to watch on Disney Plus Star here in Australia so it is safe to assume that How I Met Your Father, starring Hilary Duff) will be on Disney Plus star just like How I Met Your Mother is.

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