“I’m 12” jokes will result in a permanent ban on Twitch, Toastie reveals


New Twitch bot instantly permanently bans users who use the old “I’m 12” in chat, reveals Scottish streamer Toastie 202.

Lindsay Pattison, a Scottish Twitch partner better known by her online alias Toastie, warned her viewers not to meme about being underage in her chat because she’s witnessed a bot immediately ban accounts for saying “I’m 12” in her channel’s chat.


According to Twitch’s Terms of Service, a person must be at least 13 to be able to create an account on their platform.

Their site states: “People who are 13 or older but under the age of majority where they reside (varies based on legal residence, but is 18 in most U.S. states) may only use Twitch under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by Twitch’s Terms of Service. Children under 13 may not use Twitch.”

Even joking about being underage will grant you a permanent, irreversible suspension on Twtich’s platform.

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“You can joke about 13 because you are allowed to be 13 on here,” Lindsay ‘Toastie’ Pattison said during her livestream. “But I have seen people been banned for saying ‘I’m 12’ on my own channel.”

“If you say ‘I’m 12… haha joke’ there’s a bot on Twitch that will just ban you.”

Shortly after warning her viewers, one of Toastie’s regular community members tested the waters and typed “I’m 12” in chat and was hit with a permanent ban immediately.

Toastie followed up with a Tweet warning people not to joke about being 12 on Twitch, writing: “This happened last night to a regular member of my Twitch community.”

Toastie202 at the Twitch Sings booth at TwitchCon, Berlin Germany, 2022 (via Instagram)
Toastie202 at the Twitch Sings booth at TwitchCon, Berlin Germany, 2021 (via Instagram)

She continued: “Warning to other streamers and viewers: don’t make jokes.”

The ban happened during Toastie’s livestream and she was able to clip the exact moment that her community member was permanently banned for joking about being 12.

Twitch has received a lot of criticism for allowing borderline erotic content on their platform in the past, and even giving s*x workers a platform to profit of underage children and allowing them to promoting their OnlyFans profile to viewers.

Twitch does not require users to confirm their age by providing any form of identification. Some streamers can mark there streams as 18+ but that does not prevent minors from accessing the streams. Although s*xual explicit content and nudity is prohibited on Twitch, many larger streamers are finding new ways every day to exploit the platform’s Terms of Service essentially turning the site into an adult only video site.

A US lawmaker is proposing a new legalisation that will regulate social media conglomerates even more after he discovered that an adult streamer known as Amouranth unknowingly promoted her X-rated OnlyFans account to his underage son via Twitch’s messaging app.

“Adult content is too easily and readily available to minors who have access to the Internet today, which I would say is most. Twitch is a perfect example of that; it’s a service marketed for young gamers and it essentially operates as a gateway to p*rnography. Something needs to be done about this,” the lawmaker stated.

Lindsay ‘Toastie’ Pattison has over 25K followers on Twitch. While she games on occasion, she primarily does Just Chatting streams and you can catch her live most days.

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