Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys slammed for hypocritical anti-capitalism tweet


Community calls multimillionaire Moroccan-Canadian Twitch streamer known as Pokimane a hypocrite after she criticised capitalism for being for psychopaths.

Poki called hypocrite: “Capitalism rewards psychopathic behaviour,” Pokimane tweeted — out off the blue — this weekend. Now the Twitch community is calling her out for her hypocritical take.

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Pokimane is, by far, the richest streamer on Twitch thanks largely to the massive corporate sponsorships and ambassadorships she’s agreed to in the last couple of years. Previously the 25-year-old Canadian had been slammed for earning millions of the back off her male followers who she has called “incels and virgins.”

However, during a recent interview with YouTuber Graham Stephens, Imane Anys admitted that, thanks to large corporate sponsorships, that the money she receives from Twitch donations and subscribers pales in comparison to what she earns from corporate deals.

Millions in corporate sponsorships.

“I now also have, like, a business manager who handles all my finances, including paying the people I mentioned earlier. Including setting up meetings with investment firms so I can decide [what corporation] to work with,” Imane told Graham in the interview.

Pokimane inadvertently admitted that she has a high price tag and will only work with people who are willing to pay her a huge sum of money.

Pokimane Starbucks

“In the beginning I pretty much took any deal that lined with my morals … but then I took major deals just to build my resume [financial portfolio] … so now I’m just like, if it is not a f**k yes, it’s a no,” Pokimane said about sponsorship deals, insinuating that only the biggest companies can afford her.

Spends 100K on Starbucks each year.

During the interview she also stated that the difference between USD$100,000 is not a lot and that she believes the difference between earning 300-400K is unnoticeable. Graham Stephen also pointed out that she spends over USD$100,000 a year on Starbucks alone, including the usage of Uber Eats.

YouTuber known for recapping Twitter drama, Bowblax, pointed out that Pokimane currently has at least 3 active sponsorships with major corporations: Geico, Amazon and Hyper-X. Each deal is rumoured to be worth at least several hundred thousand dollars.

Additionally, her likeness and name is used popular video games such as Fortnite, Among Us and, most recently, Valorant earning her several million dollars more in revenue.

Imane Anys has also sold the rights to her likeness for an upcoming Prime Video exclusive anime show which is being advertised in the middle of Time Square in New York City.

To boot Pokimane also lives in a USD$3.5 million mansion and drives around in a series 4 BMW convertible with her face and name painted on it. That car alone is wroth up to USD$120,000.

Imane BMW car

So, naturally, a lot of people aren’t too thrilled with her take on capitalism.

Pokimane = Hypocrite.

“I understand you can critique something you’ve benefited from but you’re practically the corporate favorite to place ads on along with other family friendly streamers or use to push merchandise. So you’re not just benefiting, you’re in bed with it,” one user responded.

Another chimed in: “Love you respect you, but capitalism rewards efficiency, keeps the government out of the peoples pockets, and incentives innovation. Poki you wouldn’t even be Poki if it weren’t for capitalism. What is the alternative here ma’am?”

“If you really believe in that statement then you might as well get rid of your Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, iPhone, ohh, and let’s not forget, get off Twitch because of course that’s where you make most of your money. That’s what your statement amounts too,” another disagreed.

Pokimane updated net worth 2021.

Although Pokimane net worth is reported to be between USD$2-3 million, in 2021, after her interview with Graham Stephen it seems to be close to USD$20 million, at least. This new figure takes into consideration her property worth, including other assets, as well as the value of her business and other intellectual properties.

Pokimane mansion

Pokimane does not just own a million dollar mansion, she is also a large equity owner in Offline TV and has invested up to millions of dollars in small start-up companies, investment properties and firms such as Goldman Sachs. This is all independent to her earnings from Twitch which consist of ad revenue, donations and subscriptions.

With all these things considered it is definitely safe to assume that Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has a net worth of over USD$20 million in 2021.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has not responded to the criticism she has received for criticising capitalism.

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