It was Evan Rachel Wood’s idea to have REAL sex in Manson video


Crew member speaks out about shocking rape allegations made by Evan Rachel Wood about Evan Rachel Wood in Heart-Shaped Glasses music video.

Evan Rachel Wood just confirmed a rumour that has been around since 2007, and said that she had real sex with Marilyn Manson for the Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) video — however — she alleges that she did not give consent and that the rock star raped her… but that’s not how the film crew remember it.


“I’ve sent full proof of my identity and my work on the set off Manson’s music video to several large publications. Not including POPTOPIC, so far I’ve only received a response from one. They will not publish my story. Why? Because I’m not the victim or the abuser,” the crew member claimed in his email.

“I saw a friend share your article about Manson’s past relationship so I thought I made give you guys [POPTOPIC] a chance. So, here is my story.”

The crew member claims that they were on the set when they were filming Heart-Shaped Glasses which starred Manson’s then 20-year-old girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood.

High and flirt: Evan Rachel Wood on set of Heart-Shaped Glasses had real sex with Manson.
High and flirt: Evan Rachel Wood on set of Heart-Shaped Glasses had real sex with Manson.

“ERW [Evan Rachel Wood] has finally spoken about it, and has told us what most people have known for over a decade — she had sex with Manson during the filming of the 2007 music video, but she was definitely not raped like she claims to have been,” they added.

“The entire time she was high as a kite, kept flirting with other crew. She was trying to get under his skin. Then, when it came to the sex scene, it was HER IDEA to do it for real. Manson was visibly uncomfortable with this. Despite what you see on stage and on camera, he’s a huge romantic. He wasn’t really comfortable with f**cking his 20-year-old girlfriend in front of a bunch of people — he was very protective of her.”

According to the crew, Evan Rachel Wood would tease and mock Manson and question his manhood for not really wanting to perform real sex on the set of the music video.

ERW and  Marilyn Manson together circa 2007.
ERW and Manson together circa 2007.

“It was awkward. Really awkward. Not only did it feel like ERW manipulated him into doing this, but during the filming she would stare into the eyes of other male crew members, and although I cannot honestly tell you her intentions, it felt like she was just trying to hurt Manson.”

Several other people, including Manson’s friend and former assistant, have witnessed the Manson and Wood relationship have spoken in defense of the Beautiful People singer/songwriter.

“She [Evan Rachel Wood] sold him on a fantasy — you know the Lolita fantasy — and he bought it. It all seemed like it was her idea and she was trying to be what she thought he wanted,” Manson’s former assistant explained in a tell all interview with Colonel Kurtz.

She added: “It was often her idea to be apart of his photoshoots and in his music videos.”

The Heart-Shaped Glasses crew member believes that more people will speak out about the music video shoot in the coming weeks.

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