Jake Paul accused of cancelling boxing match because he’s scared


Fans think Jake Paul cancelled Hasim Rahman Jr fight because he’s too scared to fight, alleging the opponent refused bribe to “dive.”

Paul vs. Rahman Jr. was scheduled to take place on August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, but a week before the highly anticipated bout, Jake Paul’s company Most Valuable Promotions cancelled it after opponent failed to meet contractual obligations tied to his weight. However, others believe Jake couldn’t bribe Hasim and is now too scared to fight.


The fight was called off because of Hasim’s weight. He competed at heavyweight in the past, weighing more than 260 pounds. In order to fight Jake, Rahman Jr. promised to weigh no more than 200 pounds during weigh-ins.

Typically, weigh-ins occur the day before a fight; however, Rahman Jr. was required to show the NY state sports commission officials that he was losing weight in the days leading up to the bout in order to prevent a drastic weight cut in order to make 200 pounds.

Unfortunately, the promoter for Jake Paul’s fight stated that Hasim had lost only a fraction of a pound in the more than three weeks that had passed since the signing of the contract for the fight.

Jake Paul fights to be taken seriously as a professional boxer.
Jake Paul fights to be taken seriously as a professional boxer.

Because of this turn of events, the athletic commission decided that the fight will now take place at 205 pounds instead of the original weight class. According to Paul, who competed against Woodley at a weight of 190 pounds for their rematch, he agreed to the adjustment.

However, according to MVP, Rahman Jr. then asked that the match be fought at 215 pounds, which is a huge increase from the initial weight of 200 pounds that had been agreed upon.

Jake Paul, a 25-year-old popular YouTuber turned boxer and artist, protested the weight increase, and his promoter announced the fight’s cancellation via social media.

Jake responds in Twitter video.

“MVP and Jake Paul will not reward someone that has conducted themselves in such a deceiving and calculated manner. Therefore, MVP is left no choice but to cancel the August 6th event. This forced outcome impacts Jake Paul, Amanda Serrano and every other fighter on this card who have trained tirelessly over the past few months for this event,” a statement released by the promotion said.

Jake spoke out about Hasim on Twitter: “First Tommy Fumbled and now Hasim Rahman Crumbled. These boxers are the most difficult people to work with and continually lack professionalism and confidence to fight me.”

Hasim Rahman Jr.
Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr.

“I apologize to all of the of the other fighters on the card, our partners, our team and the fans.”

The decision that Jake made to call off the fight appears to have been met with understanding and support from the majority of supporters.

“They agreed to 205 and now Hasim wants it to be 215… 7 days before the fight. Jake didn’t do anything wrong,” one fan said.

However, the doubters of the troubled child subscribe to the theory that Jake Paul is involved in a plot in which he pays his opponents to “take a dive” or lose the match so that he may give the impression that he is a professional boxer.

The Fight Zone, a relatively small Twitter account with approximately 800 followers responded to Jake’s tweet accusing him of calling off the fight because he was too scared because Hasim Rahman Jr. refused to accept a pay-off to throw the fight.

The Fight Zone, a Twitter account with roughly 800 followers, responded to Jake’s tweet by accusing him of cancelling the fight because he was too afraid to face Hasim Rahman Jr., who he says refused to accept a bribe to throw the match from Jake Paul (or take a dive).

“I’m calling BS. Rahman didn’t accept money to take a dive […] Also the event didn’t sell enough ticket,” he tweeted. The tweet has over 400 likes.

Jake Paul called scared and accused of bribing Hasim.
Jake Paul called scared and accused of bribing Hasim.

People who pre-ordered pay-per-view or bought tickets to the events will receive a full refund from Most Valuable Promotions. This offer also applies to people who bought tickets to the events.

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