Johnny Depp has been proven innocent in the eye of the public


No evidence of any kind of abuse except by Amber Heard. Johnny Depp has been found innocent in the eye of the public ahead of the verdict.

People believe Johnny Depp is innocent! It is looking ever more likely that Johnny Depp will win his defamation case against his gold digging ex-wife Amber Heard which will render her USD$100m counter-suit case null and void. The support for Johnny Depp has reached new heights as the many lies told by the disgraced Aquaman actress have been exposed in a televised court case.

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It was obvious to anyone who was following the story of Heard’s alleged abuse that something wasn’t quite right. The dispute has been extensively covered by us right here at POPTOPIC. But now, finally, what we’ve known for many, many years is now being televised to an audience of many millions, and people are starting to see Amber Heard for what she really is; a narcissistic psychopath.

Johnny Depp possessed all of the proof necessary to establish his innocence from the start, but – unlike Amber Heard –- he did not have the corporate press in his arsenal.

Amber Heard court 2022.
Amber Heard in court, 2022.

Johnny Depp was never found guilty of any kind of violence, be it assault, battery or abuse because there is absolutely zero evidence to support it. Despite this the corporate media decided to hand down their own guilty verdict and championed a now verifiable and proven abuser, Amber Heard, as a victim.

Heard never presented any evidence to the police regarding the alleged abuse she endured. Heard never reported to her doctor any of the numerous injuries she claimed she incurred as a result of Johnny Depp’s mistreatment. Heard did not seek counselling or assistance for the alleged abuse she faced… but guess who did?

Sadly Johnny Depp had no way of telling his story. He had been cast out of Hollywood and had been shunned by the corporate media, especially after the tried to sue one of the world’s largest tabloids for libel.

Joe Rogan laughs at "fecal delivery" comment by Johnny Depp.
Joe Rogan believes Johnny Depp is innocent.

This trial is Depp’s means of informing the public. It’s Depp’s method of telling his narrative, and we honestly believe he’s unconcerned about the USD$50 million he’s suing Amber Heard for. He had already accomplished what he set out to do, which was to convince the world of his innocence.

Every major influencer and social media star has sided with Johnny Depp, even Joe Rogan.

“Everybody knows now there is something wrong with her,” Rogan said about Amber Heard during his podcast.

“Like there is some sort of mental issue,” he added.

“This is a big win for Johnny Depp and a big loss for Pirates of the Caribbean. F**k you guys, you lost the best pirate you ever he had.”

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In his defamation suit against Amber Heard for her Washington Post op-ed article, experts remain certain that Johnny Depp is poised to win, but they doubt that he will collect his USD$50m compensation.

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