Kendall Jenner nearly cuts off her fingers while cooking


Kendall Jenner’s effort to chop a cucumber was so utterly disastrous that she was roundly ridiculed for it by hundreds and thousands of fans — she nearly lost her fingers!

She may not be an expert cook, but Kendall Jenner needs to brush up on her knife skills! As a child, she was so pampered and protected that she doesn’t know how to chop a cucumber, at least safely and effectively!


Disney Plus Star subscribers have taken to Twitter this week to slam the 26-year-old actress after the latest episode of The Kardashians debuted on the streaming service. Kendall Jenner makes a surprise visit to her mum’s place in the latest episode. It all goes downhill from there as the supermodel and socialite decides to prepare herself a snack.

Because she’s a super wealthy socialite, Kris can afford to have the family’s professional chef make her a meal to save her time and effort. Kendall, on the other hand, declines, preferring to prepare her own snack. From then on, the family drama show turns into a suspense!

Kendall Jenners super model
Kendall Jenner spoiled super model?

Kylie Jenner’s elder sister discovered that she wasn’t quite as prepared for the kitchen as she had previously imagined! Kenny begins by attempting to chop up some fruit, including a cucumber, and fails miserably. She insists to cooking it herself. As her daughter contorts her arms awkwardly and begins to slice and dice in a painful, strange, and inefficient manner, Kris watches on proudly.

After her botched attempt at trying to cut a cumumber, Kendall admits to be scared of knives and a “terrible cutter.” Kris then steps up to the plate and orders one of the staff members to assist her.

It is quite conceivable that this obscenely wealthy family has never prepared a meal in their whole lives, instead relying on the services of their personal chef or Uber Eats to satisfy their need.

The manner in which Kendall Jenner held a knife and attempted to cut the cucumber prompted a large number of her followers to take to Twitter and express their disbelief.

“If there’s a murder in the family, she should be the first to be investigated,” one fan joked.

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“How can she not know how to cut a cucumber? My 6-year-old daughter can cut a cucumber,” another chimed in.

Another, seemingly bitter viewer, had this to say:”Spoiled brat would starve to death if she went broke.”

Fortunately for Kendall, and the show’s rating, she did not lose any digits and surrendered the knife to a professional who was then able to cut the cucumber like any adult should be able to.

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