Kevin Smith says that his past films are problematic


While promoting his upcoming movie, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Kevin Smith was confronted about his earlier work and agreed that it was problematic.

Kevin Smith appeared on People TV’s Couch Surfing with Lola Ogunnaike to promote Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and give a quick commentary on his past films. When it came to Smith’s cult classic Chasing Amy things got a little spicy.

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“This film was actually ground breaking at the time,” Lola told Kevin suggesting that this, somehow, was one of the first films to have a gay/lesbian main character. This prompted a rather awkward dialog about political correctness and the somewhat perverse tone to Smith’s films. Lola continued, “However, today, through a modern lens, we can give a more insightful criticism than we could then.” Kevin Smith was quick to catch on and replied, “That’s a very sweet way of saying the buzzword ‘problematic'”.

Is Chasing Amy Problematic?

“The film is problematic,” Smith said. Lola was glad to hear Smith affirming her beliefs and asked if he personally found the film to be problematic. “Ah, particular not for me. I wrote the thing. But I can understand that some people who did not come of age in the 1990s might find some of the language pretty harsh.” He elaborated on the nature of the character, Banky, explaining he was supposed to be an offensive idiot. Smith explained that the real story is about Alyssa Jones but what makes it a comedy is the unwarranted and uneducated commentary of her life from one of its character.

Chasing Amy was praised for how woke it was in 1997 only two years ago but now it is considered problematic and is receiving flack from the LGBTQ+ community. It could be the result of Smith’s choice to resurrect two of the most non-PC characters in his

Kevin Smith assured worried fans that the characters, Jay and Silent Bob, are current-year friendly and that they’ve matured significantly. The main story arch is even inspired by Jason Mewes’ recent induction into fatherhood. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will even act as a sort of spiritual sequel to Chasing Amy providing fans with a touching new ending.

Jay and Silent Bob reboot

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is out today in cinemas across the world. If you live in the U.S.A you can watch the film with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes on the Roadshow tour and even shoot them a bunch of questions about the movie.

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