La’Darius being SUED by Navarro, Delgado accused of GROOMING


Former Navarro Cheer stumbler La’Darius Marshall is reportedly being sued for slander after his last Instagram live video where accused Monica of abuse and Delgado of grooming!

Thought that Monica Aldama and La’Darius Marshall made up at the end of CHEER season 2? Think again! The former Navarro stumbler made wild allegations during his Instagram live video; he says Monica physically abused her cheerleaders, knew Jerry was a predator and claims the staff groomed and slept with underage performers… and he’s now being sued.


Many believe that the ex-Navarro cheer stumbler (stunts and tumble cheer) has lost the plot, especially after his last Instagram live video where he made career allegations against Monica Almada and the rest of the Navarro Cheer staff.

Just days before La’Darius Marshall’s allegations, the 23-year-old former alumni Navarro Community College tweeted that everything between him, Monica, Kailee and the rest of the cheer team was “cool.”

Gabi Butler, Morgan Simianer.
CHEER season 1: Gabi Butler, Morgan Simianer.

“It’s family at the end of the day,” La’Darius tweeted. “We fight and we yell, but at the end of the day we get over it and come together.”

He continued: “Me and Monica are cool!! And Kailee. We all good. Family goes through stuff and we get through it as well.”

Just a few short days later, his message changed entirely, and he went for the jugular of Monica Almada and the rest of Navarro Cheer squad with very damaging, career ending allegations.

During Marshall’s unhinged Instagram live rant he accused Monica Aldama, the coach of the co-ed cheerleading team, of choking her cheerleaders, encouraging her senior squad of sleeping with underage students in order to recruit them, and protecting Jerry Harris despite knowing about his crimes, among many other things.

LaDarius calls Monica family.
La’Darius calls Monica family.

La’Darius Marshall also accused renowned choreographer Dahlston Delgado of grooming and sleeping with athletes.

He also said that former assistant coach Kapena Kea was busted drinking and doing drugs with students, and some underage, of Navarro Community College.

It seems like a lot of the allegations made by Marshall, at least, have a modicum of truth albeit being a bit exaggerated.

Kapena Kea admitted to being fired as assistant coach in 2020 for partying and drinking with a lot of alumni at a homecoming party.

“I left the program because I messed up in the first semester,” Kea admitted. “There was a homecoming party which involved drinking, with a lot of alumni over. However, there were athletes that were currently on the team that were at the house. I should’ve done better to keep them away, but at the end of the day, they were at my house with alcohol, and I didn’t control the situation the way I should have, and now I’m paying the consequences.”

Homecoming is traditionally celebrated by students from the 9th to the 12th grade, meaning that the party could have had kids as young as 17-years-old. However, POPTOPIC cannot confirm that any underage students attended, let alone were drinking at the party.

Harris and Marshall
Best friends La’Darius Marshall (being sued) and Jerry Harris.

One of the more strange allegations levied by La’Darius Marshall was a shocking hazing, or rather initiation ritual performed on all new recruits, regardless of age, which involves putting peanut butter on their private parts and letting another Navarro Cheer athlete lick it off.

This allegation has been called “utterly ridiculous” by a student, and two-year cheer team squad member, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“The entire team have heard about these utterly ridiculous claims made by La’Darius,” the Navarro Community College student told POPTOPIC. “I think he forgets that he still has fans at Navarro who watch his livestreams so he can just say anything without the fear or consequence.”

“As long as I’ve been there I have never seen Monica physically abuse anyone. I’ve seen her lift people’s heads up and look them in the eye when they are feeling down, but I wouldn’t call that abuse. As for the allegations about her knowing about Jerry Harris and then hiring Dahlston knowing that he was actively grooming one of his athletes… just more lies.”

She continued: “Monica had too much on her plate to keep tabs on everyone. She was essentially a mother-figure to the entire squad. Like she even had time to worry about what her adult co-workers were doing in their spare time. I heard that what Kapena did really surprised her. People tend to forget she has her own family and personal life too!”

Gillian Rupert, flyer for Navarro College Cheer.
Gillian Rupert, flyer for Navarro College Cheer.

“Oh, and if anyone knew about what Jerry [Harris] was doing, it was definitely La’Darius. The two of them were really close. I mean like really close.”

The Navarro Community College student also touched up upon the bizarre peanut butter licking hazing/initiation ritual mentioned by Marshall in his Instagram live.

“I think it a load of bull crap,” the source said. “In all my two years here I’ve never heard of or seen what he describes, neither have any of the girls I’ve talked to. There are a lot of gay promiscuous men on our team that get up to God knows what in their spare time, and if this hazing ceremony is real, it is something exclusive to La’Darius and something that he and the boys would have been involved in.”

Allegations are baseless and frivolous.

The other members of the Navarro Cheer squad, she emphasises, are not indicative of the school or the cheer squad in anything they do on their own time outside of school.

The source disclosed that Monica Aldama and Navara College are seriously considering taking legal action against Mr Marshall for his “baseless and frivolous allegations.”

Navarro College lawsuit
La’Darius Marshall being sued by Monica Aldama and Navarro College.

“They [Navarro College] aren’t happy about these allegations, they’ve called them ‘baseless and frivolous.’ From what I know, I wouldn’t be surprised if [La’Darius Marshall] gets sued. The college and the squad are now bigger than ever after the exposure from both seasons of CHEER, and they have plenty of resources to fight this.”

Fans of the Netflix show think that the events from the past two years have sent Marshall “spiralling” and that he’s just desperately trying “remain relevant” after leaving Navarro Cheer and abandoning Monica Aldama just moments before season 2 premiered.

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