Lil Miss Fox buys convertible with OnlyFans money after going viral


Chantal-Jasmine Fox, Australian-Canadian chef who ran over Canberra protestors, buys new car with OnlyFans money after going viral for incident.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox, better known as the unhinged Canadian-Australian woman from Canberra who ran over and wrote-off a Freedom Convoy protestor’s car, has earned enough money on her “Lil Miss Fox” OnlyFans account to buy a new convertible car.


Chantal-Jasmine Fox assaulted a woman who was attending the Freedom Convoy in Canberra late last month. Video footage showed the furious woman ram into the backend of a car deliberately.

The protestor got out off her vehicle and filmed the encounter which showed an outraged Canberra woman try to blame the protestor for reversing into her. However, the unhinged driver who we now know is OnlyFans model and chef called Chantal-Jasmine Fox, showed her true colours when she said she was sick of the “protestors” and continued to make threats against her.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox, aka lil_miss_fox, mocks protestors with new car (via IG: fantastic miss foxx).

“You [swear] bogan sl*t, get out off Canberra […] Nobody wants you here,” Chantal-Jasmine Fox screamed at the bystander.

Miss Fox assumed that the woman was apart of the Freedom Convoy because she had two Red Australian Ensign flags on the back off her vehicle. In another video Miss Fox can be seen ripping the flags off the back of the protestor’s vehicle and swinging violently at other protestors in the area.

Fox later rammed her four-wheel-drive vehicle into the protestor’s car which resulted in her two front wheels going on top of the bonnet and crushing the vehicle, rendering it totalled.

Australian OnlyFans model earns thousands after trying to run over Canberra protestors
Chantal brags about running over protestor on her Fantastic Miss Foxx Instagram page.

“Oops. Look at that. You got to call a tow truck,” Miss Fox mocked the protestor.

The entire exchange was filmed and uploaded to social media, and the identity of the unhinged Canberra woman was discovered by people who searched her license plate.

As it turns out the unhinged Canberra woman was part-time chef who earned a little on the side selling adult content on her “lil_miss_fox” OF account.

When people found her Instagram, she quickly took advantage of the situation and promoted her OF. A lot of people called her a hero for her actions and supported her by subscribing her account. Since then then Chantal-Jasmine Fox has become one of the top adult stars on the platform and earns many thousand dollars a day.

Miss Fox uploaded a picture mocking “protestors” while thanking them for making her famous enough to be able to quit her job and be able to purchase a brand new convertible with her OF money.

Lil Miss Fox driving while on phone after receiving traffic infringement for "negligent driving."
Lil Miss Fox driving while on phone after receiving traffic infringement for “negligent driving.”

The car appears to be a classic 1994 Ford Capri convertible valued at approximately AUD$15,000. She posted a video showing off her new ride on “Fantastic Miss Foxx” Instagram page.

A post shared by Chantal-Jasmine Fox (@fantastic_miss_foxx)

The OF video clearly shows Chantal-Jasmine Fox violating ACT driving laws by using her phone and filming while driving her car.

However, despite receiving a small fine and gaining a few demerit points for “negligent driving” by the Canberra Police Department, Miss Fox is still allowed on the roads.

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