Long match making times as Battlefield 2042 player base drops by 93%


People are reporting up to 20-minute match making waiting periods during peak hour trying to find a Battlefield 2042 game as player base shrinks by 93%.

This isn’t funny any more. Match making times for a single game of Battlefield 2024 are up to 20-minutes long as the match making system struggles to find games, and the player base has now dropped by 93% since its launch. There are only 7,000 people playing DICE’s first-person shooter around the whole world.


Don’t expect to get a quick game of Battlefield 2042 in before you go to bed or work. People are waiting for more than quarter of an hour to find a game, and this has everything to do with its record low player base numbers.

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Players are fleeing Battlefield 2042 at an alarming rate. So much so that Steam Support has no choice but to refund the game even if, as stated in their policy, you are not eligible.

Steam giving refunds.

After more than 2-hours of playtime, one customer was granted an instant refund, claiming that he had spent more time in the game’s settings trying to fix things than he had spent playing the game in the first place. Players will now be able to claim that they are spending more time in lobbies searching for games than they are actually playing games themselves.

Battlefield 2042 abandoned
Battlefield 2042 abandoned by players and developers, player baseplummets by 93%.

One unhappy gamer took to Reddit to express his dissatisfaction with the incredibly long wait time he had to endure in order to find even a single game of Battlefield 2042.

“I spent 14 mins trying to join a match… DICE WTF are u doing with BF?,” he wrote.

“I actually thought with low player count it would just auto fill the other slots with AI. At least that is what I have seen a few times when trying to play early morning,” one guy replied.

“[The game is so bad that] even the AI has decided it can’t stand to play this game,” another wrote.

7,000 people playing worldwide.

There are currently just 7,000 players playing the game around the world, and it peaked at 10,000 this week. That’s nothing for a triple-A game, and it is much worse given Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer only game.

This equates to little more than 1,000 players on each continent: North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe. Divided into 128 or 64-player gaming lobbies, which equates to only 10-20 active game sessions per region, not to mention the fact that each continent is comprised of numerous countries!

Battlefield 2042 is dead: player base plummets by 93% to 7,000 players worldwide.
Battlefield 2042 is dead: player base plummets by 93% to 7,000 players worldwide.

The reason why player numbers are so low is because of two factors: how broken and buggy the game is and DICE’s unwillingness to address these issues and instead blame their own player base.

The reason why player numbers are so low is due of two factors: how flawed and buggy the game is and DICE’s refusal to address these issues and instead blaming their own player base and branding them toxic.

Is Battlefield 2042 dead?

It is reasonable to conclude that Battlefield 2042 is dead after only a few short months, and I’m sure not many people will grieve its demise or attend its funeral. Our insider forewarned us of this when he stated that the game will be DOA (dead on arrival) unless EA delayed the launch to allow DICE to address many of these bugs. However, regrettably, hindsight does not help in this scenario.


It’s hardly probable that EA or DICE will be granted a second shot with how severely they fumbled the ball with Battlefield 2042. Faith in EA was lost long ago, and DICE — the company’s final saving grace — just shot themselves in the foot with how horribly they handled the criticism of their game.

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