Man accused of human trafficking for holding his daughter’s hand


Woman tries to save 10-year-old girl from man because she think it is unnatural and creepy for a father to hold his daughter’s hand; accuses him of human trafficking.

“I think I just stopped human trafficking at Walmart,” a middle-aged woman claims, accusing a man of kidnapping and human trafficking a young girl who happened to be his daughter.


“It struck me as really odd,” the woman explained when she saw an adult male have his arms around a young girl who is was later confirmed to be his 10-years-old daughter. “Then it hit me. I have to go back and check on this little girl.”

She continued: “I go back in and they’re in-line at the pharmacist and she is 100% giving me hand signals which I interpreted as ‘I need help’.”

According to conspiracy theorists on TikTok, human trafficking victims will use secret hand signals to solicit aid from strangers. This theory has been debunked, as no victim can be aware of a universal hand signal that will summon assistance. Additionally, if the abductee is aware of this secret hand signal, it is ineffective.

Man accused of kidnapping and human trafficking for holding his daughter's hand
Man accused of kidnapping and human trafficking for holding his daughter’s hand on TikTok.

Although the woman did not specify the hand signals used by the little girl, she insists that she was “100%” convinced she was a victim of human trafficking and had no choice but to intervene.

The 37-year-old woman from Minneapolis, Minnesota, named Rachel Ranae Hicks — Rachie & Megsies on TikTok — approached the small child and began asking her a series of random questions in an attempt to elicit an emergency response. However, the woman was shocked and appalled when the man decided to answer for the young girl. She went straight to the manager and reported what she believed to be a human trafficking case.

Walmart confirmed it was her father.

She also asked the little girl whether she needs help in clear earshot of the man which, according to Center of Prevention of Abuse, is extremely dangerous for the victim.

“She said no, very quietly, but that wasn’t enough for me,” the woman admits in the video. She then physically reaches out and pulls back the girl and says, loud enough for everyone to here, “do you need help?” The girl said no again and, it was a this point her father stood in.

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In the video the woman still admits that she believes that the girl was a victim of human trafficking and uses air quotations when referring to the child’s father even after the Walmart pharmacist told her that this man had provided proof that he was her legal guardian.

After being questioned by Walmart staff the father decided to approach the Rachel Hicks and ask why she thought something was wrong.

“You know, when you first walked and and were holding hands, that looked odd to me,” Rachel Hicks answered?

“So, I can’t hold hands with my own daughter?” The emotionally father asked before storming off and leaving Walmart.

Woman still believes girl is victim after Walmart confirm it's his daughter.
Woman still believes girl is victim after Walmart confirm it’s his daughter.

The video has over 10 million views and 175 thousand likes on TikTok, although the majority of comments appear to argue that the woman went too far.

“It’s sad that we live in a world where a dad can’t hold his daughters hand without it being weird. I held my daddy’s hand until I was grown,” one user commented.

Another wrote: “So, moms are allowed to hold hands with their sons, but it’s weird for a dad to hold hands with his daughter?”

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