Marilyn Manson ex-girlfriend says he’s a sweetheart


“It’s all an act,” Manson ex-girlfriend reveals. The controversial rock star remains a trustworthy friend to his ex-girlfriends.

Manson has his name in headlights again, and it is not for a good reason. After an onslaught of damaging allegations, the singer/songwriter friends, and even an ex-girlfriend, are finally defending Marilyn Manson as a sweetheart.

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Marilyn Manson hardly seems the type of person to turn down a one night stand, but the some of his friends and ex-girlfriends are now claiming that the 52-year-old shock rock star is actually a romantic sweetheart.

People are scared to associate with men who have recently been targeted by the #MeToo movement. Careers can be ended for so much as a single allegations because, when it comes to domestic abuse, the general notion is to believe all women.

Nobody needs to look further to what is currently happening with Johnny Depp; despite there being very little evidence that he every abused Amber Heard, the mainstream media were so willing to side with the B-list actress. Now the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is fighting tooth and nail to clear his name and hold Heard accountable for defamation.

Sadly, not everybody has the wealth or resources to defend themselves against such allegations. Many careers have already ended because of anonymous allegations posted online. In one case a famous Twitch streamer even took his own life because one woman made baseless allegations against him the same week that he proposed to his girlfriend. Despite the dire consequences of her verifiably false allegations, his accuser Indiefoxx had no repercussions.

Evan Rachel Wood, an ex-girlfriend of Marilyn Manson, made vague allegations against him and then other lesser known girls came forward on Instagram claiming to be victims too. Now, finally, some other women are speaking out in defence of Marylin Manson.

In a 90-minute interview with Colonel Kurtz, Paula — a former assistant who has known Manson for 20 years — said she doesn’t believe that he has it in him to be violently abusive to anyone. She described him as a very compassionate and empathetic person who would go out of his way to make others feel special. And now another one of his ex-girlfriends is speaking out about her experience with gothic musician.

Marilyn Manson and Paula PaulaBaby1

“The media sees him as a monster because of his art, but it’s all an act,” his ex-girlfriend revealed. “Manson is a big sweetheart and I am having a hard time believing any of these headlines.”

“When I first saw these allegations I was shocked and upset. I wanted to to reach out to him [Manson] but we hadn’t talked to in a few years and I thought it might just make matters worse if I did. Today, I don’t really believe the allegations, but I’m also scared to completely deny them because … I just don’t know,” she added.

An ex-girlfriend of Marilyn Manson described him as an angel: “When we dated Manson was an angel who put me and my feelings first. I always felt safe around him although I was a bit intimidated by him. When we got intimate he was always respectful of my boundaries. That aside, he was always very easy to talk to and I always felt like he was really listening to what I was saying.”

“Our relationship ended because our lifestyles weren’t really compatible at the time. He was a busy man and had to travel a lot for work, and I had a fulltime job. But after we broke it off we remained close and still talked for years. He’d come visit for coffee and drinks like normal friends. He even came to a barbeque my new boyfriend was holding and they got along great,” she revealed.

It now seems as though Marilyn Manson is a sweetheart as he tries to maintain a relationship with most girls that he’s been intimate with in the past. Perhaps some of the girls he was shared a bed with are now upset and jealous because he doesn’t have as much time to talk to them. Or perhaps there is some truth to the allegations.

Marilyn Manson currently has a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly assaulting a videographer who was filming his show in New Hampshire in October, 2019.

Howard King, a lawyer for Manson, told the NYT that a venue videographer had asked for more than $35,000 “after a small amount of spit came into contact with their arm. After we asked for evidence of any alleged damages, we never received a reply.”

He described the claim as “ludicrous” and said “we remain committed to cooperating with authorities, as we have done throughout”.

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