Married at First Sight 2022 promised to be wildest Australian reality show


Channel Nine’s Married at First Sight is said to be the “wildest Australian show” of 2022 with big surprises and a lot of drama.

Fans are excited to learn that Puerto Rican sexologist Alessandra Rampolla will return for second season in 2022 after producers tease a big surprise and a lot of drama for the Australian reality TV show.


There’s no question that Alessandra Rampolla brought a much needed energy to the last season of Nine’s Married at First Sight, the show sometimes simply referred to as MAFS. So, it comes as no shock to learn that fans of the series are static to learn that the Puerto Rican born sexologist is returning for MAFS in 2022.

Daily Mail Australia Australia exclusively confirmed that the 47-year-old Puerto Rican sexologist will be returning for the 2022 series.

Alessandra Rampolla shares selfie at Sydney Opera House.
Alessandra Rampolla shares selfie at Sydney Opera House.

Alessandra arrived in Australia in a low-key manner in August, 2021, and has already been fully vaccinated and completed the required hotel quarantine, according to reports.

Along with Alessandra, John Aiken and Mel Schilling will be appearing on the show, the latter of whom has recently finished filming a spell on the forthcoming UK edition of the show.

MAFS was postponed.

The show’s producers, meanwhile, will be exhaling a sigh of relief after the Australia-wide lockdown forced them to scramble to locate new sites to film the nuptials featured in the show.

Despite being postponed, the popular dating programme commenced filming in October 2021 and is still reportedly being filmed in Sydney, Australia.

In the event of a production halt in 2022, producers warned, it is expected to have little effect on the show’s upcoming schedule.

As the post-production process begins, Nine has announced that the series will be completed on schedule, although the timeframe will be substantially compressed.

Furthermore Nine executives have teased that Married at First Sight [MAFS] will continue to be a ratings juggernaut in 2022 and will feature a lot of big surprises and lot of drama.

What’s in store for ’22?

Aside from the confirmed return of the Puerto Rican sexologist Alessandra Rampolla, Nine’s trailer for Married at First Sight/MAFS 2022 has given us a glimpse of the explosive drama that will take place on this season.

Married at First Sight 2022 promotional poster.
Australian reality show: Married at First Sight 2022 promotional poster.

While Robert Palmer’s Addicted To Love blares in the background of the MAFS teaser/trailer, cast members that were observed throughout Sydney during production may be seen going around recognisable Sydney locations.

Audiences are eager to get to know this year’s ensemble, which has been dubbed the “youngest and sexiest” thus far, as they start on a quest to discover love with a stranger.

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The rest of the ensemble is scheduled to include an influencer, an actor, a personal trainer, a florist, and a mother, among many more who are yet to be announced.

Drama before premiere.

Simon Blackburn, the show’s groom, was booted off the show earlier this year after a slew of provocative sentiments appeared on his social media accounts.

One particularly heinous TikTok video saw Blackburn making sexist remarks about a lady he had previously dated, which was later removed from the site.

His assertion was that she would “sit on YouTube all day” instead of earning money, and he continually referred to her as the “C-word.”

Simon Blackburn cut from MAFS 2022 for offensive comments.
Simon Blackburn cut from MAFS 2022 for offensive comments.

His comments about matching with a lady on the dating app Hinge were captured in another video, in which he explained how the woman afterwards texted him to tell him that she didn’t believe she was his type. He then boasted about avoiding dating women who weighed more than 60 kg.

Simon Blackburn was also exposed saying homophobic things, including calling homosexuals “disgusting and filthy” people during an Instagram livestream.

He later apologised for his offensive remarks, claiming he “lost the plot” when members of the LGBTQ community called him less of a man for being “cis-gendered” during the same livestream.

“When unacceptable social media content was discovered in relation to Simon Blackburn we immediately took steps to remove him from the program. We won’t be making further comment,” a Nine spokesperson said of the incident.

Producers revealed that they completely cut Simon Blackburn out of the show, adding: “It’s like the misogynist was never there.”

Married at First Sight/MAFS 2022 premiere’s on Channel Nine later this month, Monday night, January 31st.

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