Master Chief to take backseat to female cast in Halo Live-Action 2022


Master Chief will reportedly only be a supporting character in Halo Live-Action 2022 with Australian newcomer Yerin Ha to play lead.

Paramount+ revealed the teaser trailer for their upcoming Halo live-action series and it looks like the show is getting the Star Wars reboot makeover with a cast of powerful women (female protagonist and villain), so what will Master Chief’s role be?


You may have noticed that Master Chief had a small role in the Halo live-action teaser/trailer — and that’s because he’s reportedly just a supporting character.

Steven Spielberg‘s Halo live-action series looks awesome. When it comes to visual effects, the team behind the highly anticipated Paramount+ original show did a phenomenal job. But some fans are concerned that the writers got a bit too creative with the show.

Master Chief does not appear to be the main protagonist in the Halo live-action series but instead a minority space orphan named Quan Ah, played be Australia’s very own up-and-coming talent Yerin Ha.

Main protagonist Quan Ah: played by Chinese-Australian actress Yerin Ah.
Main protagonist Quan Ah: played by Chinese-Australian actress Yerin Ha.

Quan Ah is described as “a shrewd, audacious 16-year-old from the Outer Colonies.” She’s a bit of a space scavenger and has an incredible power insider of her which she will slowly discover throughout the series — sound familiar?

Sources close to the production revealed to us that Master Chief will serve as her supporting character and that Quan Ah, “the kick 16-year-old warrior girl,” will be main protagonist in Steven Spielberg’s Halo live-action series.

Producers also promise a very diverse cast of characters played from people from all walks of life, however slightly more female than fans might have expected.

Not only is the main protagonist a 16-year-old Asian girl, but two of the three Spartans are also described to be kickass female soldiers: Kai-125 played by Kate Kennedy and Riz-028 played by Natasha Culzac.

pink haired spartan
Pink haired female Spartan: Kai-125 played by Kate Kennedy.

The producers decided to take it even one step further and “kick the [so-called] patriarchy in the balls,” by having Makee, a female antagonist, reportedly easily defeat Master Chief in a battle. It will be up to Quan Ah to save Master Chief’s life and defeat Makee and save the world.

Makee: Halo live-action antagonist/villain.
Makee: Halo live-action antagonist/villain.

Little is known about this powerful new Halo live-action female antagonist/villain known as Makee a part from the fact that she is played by Charlie Murphey from Peaker Blinders.

Steven Spielberg’s Halo live-action series is set to premiere exclusively on Paramount+ on March 24, 2022.

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