Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly get hot and wet in bath together


Newly engaged weirdos, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly share a hot, wet bath together after bizarre blood drinking ritual.

Megan Fox and American Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, MGK for short, love to share shocking and intimate details on their Instagram; from their beautiful yet bizarre engagement, to their dark blood drinking habits — and now their steamy, sexy, hot and wet bath time together.


Following the announcement of their engagement on social media earlier this month, it appears that slick-tongued rapper Machine Gun Kelly and Hollywood beauty Megan Fox were enjoying some quality time together.

There were no extravagant trips or delectable restaurant meals documented by the newly engaged couple but instead they shared a hot bath together.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) take a hot bath together.
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) take a hot bath together.

In an Instagram Story, Megan shared a photo of the couple relaxing in a bubble-filled bath tub, with their feet wrapped around one another. Arrangements of flowers were set up in a pool of water to provide a romantic touch to the event, which was held to honour the couple’s new relationship status.

Even the most unsettling elements of their connection, such as drinking each other’s blood, have never been held back by this pair, which may be a bit much for some fans to take in at one time.

While MGK is overjoyed to be united with the actress who was once his longtime flame, he is still a little star struck. According to GQ Magazine, the rapper grew up with an autographed photo on his bedroom wall of the Transformers actress.

Megan Fox in Machine Gun Kelly's "Bloody Valentine" video.
Megan Fox in Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bloody Valentine” video.

This isn’t the first time Fox and MGK have been in a bath together! MGK approached actress and singer Megan Fox about appearing in the music video for Bloody Valentine, in which Fox appears holding a hair dryer in front of a bathtub in which Machine Gun Kelly is singing.

MGK also has a message for the cynics out there. The miserables—as he called them—appear just as soon as someone is pleased, he once opined. He asserted that these “haters” don’t like happy people.

At this time, there is no official date set for Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s wedding, but we will notify you as soon as one is announced!

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